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Evil Comes in All Shapes and Forms

Lesson IV Evil is Omnipresent It is difficult to deny that evil permeates the Earth! Coping with the residuals left thereby is always tricky. Some rely on their religions and beliefs, some disconnect from society entirely. Some are disgruntled constantly. Some commit suicide or even go as far as to take the lives of others; others manage in various other ways to heal the burn. I am sure that we can all agree that the scars left by evil language and acts are quite distinguishable when processed by the human brain! If one continues to carry these scars for a continuous period, something happens! Please do not ask me what happens. It just does. Extraordinary physical, mental and spiritual acumens occur. I cannot promise you from whence it comes, but I can genuinely introduce you to it. When you become familiar with its great grunt, then you will join me in telling the story to others. You, too, will recognize that this is something that the world needs! You will never ask for compensation for sharing this wisdom as you will never find a reason to do so.
There is something that I want you to know that is very important! Whatever you do, DO NOT misinterpret evil. Do not believe that you can fool yourself. Yourself knows you better than any other. "Yourself" will see when you are not truthful to yourself. Others will deceive you into believing that the truth is a lie, and a lie is a truth. Suppose you are serious about delivering yourself from ALL evil. In that case, you must be truthful to yourself by doing everything that you can to ferret out the truth before making any assertion. Do not follow fools! "The handwriting is on the "wall"! Remember?
All are Welcome to join Some say that our endeavors are political; others say that we are "looney"! One person had the unmitigated gall to call me a name that I would not call a skunk. A Wiseman once said however, "He who knows and knows that he knows is wise; follow him. He that knows not and knows that he knows not is a child; teach him. He that knows, but knows not that he knows, is asleep; awaken him. He that knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool; shun him!
The good thing about it is none of the things said about me on Facebook or Twitter can be considered offensive enough to tote much negative energy for converting. Some people categorize themselves from jump street. These are the easy ones! They have no sense of what is occurring by their actions. You will be surprised that you can channel evil energy by simply telling the truth! Sometimes the pushback is so incredible until I get a power rush! This energy rush makes the sky the limit for me in all my endeavors! Channeling Some of us may be going through troubled times and have been doing so because of family members, so called friends, spouse, neighbors, a boss, or just some misinformed person that "knows not that he knows not." Make sure, however, when you attempt to channel negative energy that you have completed your due diligence from all available resources before accepting the offense as capable of being converted. All of your evidence must point to the truth, not just a hunch, emotion, suggestion, or; advice from someone else who knows nothing about the situation. Be careful from whence you obtain information that is pertinent to your survival.
One cannot channel just any type of evil. It must be egregious and brain-altering! It must be so offensive that it would touch the spirit of any sane human being or any group thereof. Most rational human beings have a natural tendency to despise evil, except for the perpetrators thereof. Some seem to enjoy it. "You will know them by their fruits"!
There are no litmus tests to qualify. One requirement is TRUTH, however! If one can overcome the temptation of lies, they can buck the system that binds them to the wrath of evil.
Back to Work Continue the process that I have outlined for you in Lesson III. You should now be somewhat familiar with the basic exercises that you will be completing. I use about eight different stress-free workouts to complete my daily program. I usually do all of my activities in bed at night before I go to sleep, but sometimes my body wants more in the morning.
Once you get the hang of converting physical exercise to mental, then the process becomes more enjoyable. Your body will beacon you to exercise while sitting or just chilling out. Our program enables you to exercise constantly and feel no pain. Once you have expanded your ability to exercise to the point of pleasure, you can start our next step of channeling. We like to call it "tuning in"! Earlier in this blog, I spoke of categorizing. To convert negative energy into positive, one must first locate negative energy and categorize it based upon potency. The offense must be undeniably associated with that which is causing the affliction or pain! Truth is of the essence! Ensure a thorough vetting to ensure that you are on all points before concluding. Sometimes viewing videos, letters, audiotapes, historical articles, etc., are helpful. You must sew images of the entire kit and caboodle into your exercise sessions until you no longer feel that you are exercising at all. You will inevitably go into a state of mind that other human beings cannot quantify. You will reach into a completely new dimension.
Enough of all of that good stuff! I only mentioned it because some of you will jump the broom early and marry yourself to the love of COMPLETE FREEDOM from all evil. Remember "deliver me from evil"? This information could be the answer to our prayers! Wrapping it up In our next session, we will show you how to marinade the physical into the mental. Continue to mentally merge your physical and mental exercises until you become unconscious about whether you are using your physical or mental strengths to complete your exercise session. We will also unveil some self-hypnotizing methods for you to make the conversion seamless. We will steer your brain to harness energy (devoid of type), whether positive or negative and guide you in how to store it into a mental file for converting it into positive wherewithal. Yes. The computer emulates our brain, not the contrary. Think beyond the laptop! The laptop is obsolete where we are going.
You may always listen to this lesson and other previous lessons 72 hours after posting in the Audio File on our Website. Please let what I have said to you soak in for a few days. Think about what I am saying. Do due diligence before you believe even one word of what I say. You will discover a new way of living. The TRUTH will seek its level. Complete your exercise sessions constantly. I will let you decide when you would like to go forward. I will continue to provide you with all I have to enable you to do so. God (nature) Bless! John Head, Right up Front

Evil Comes in All Shapes and Forms
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