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Tune into the Right Channel

Click Here to Listen Channeling For one to obtain accurate intelligence, he or she must be tuned on the right channel. Eons before television, the most common way to stay in touch with the outside world required the use of a radio. Radio usage require skills to locate individual stations. Radio station frequencies are high and low depending upon various conditions such as weather, location, and equipment used to capture the radio signal. Although radio equipment can range from a transistor to an entire radio station, still one must select the proper channel to get the desired results. This is also true when channeling NEGATIVE energy. There is one common denominator that remains constant whether one uses a transistor radio or a more elaborate radio. That common denominator is proper channeling! To enable the radio to function as expected, the user must locate the specific channel that pertains to the user's desires. The radio operator can then enjoy the particular station desired, whether the radio is for entertainment, work, or a simple means of staying in touch with the current events. Channeling Evil (negative energy) Channeling evil energy is very dynamic. If the evil is not on the correct channel, then one cannot harness this evil for conversion purposes. This evil is not properly directed. It could be intended for someone else; It could match another group of people. A misunderstanding of this evil act or statement could have occurred. T There are many reasons why evil is extended i.e. hate, bigotry, prejudice, racism etc. It could be intended for someone else. Negative energy cannot be converted if directed to someone else. Leave misdirected negative energy for others. Harness and convert negative evil energy directed to YOU exclusively. Otherwise, you will never accomplish the conversion process. Harnessing The standard definition for harnessing is: control and make use of (natural resources), especially to produce energy. synonyms: control · exploit · utilize · use · make use of · put to use · render useful · make productive · turn to good account · channel · mobilize · to employ · apply · capitalize on Harnessing is all of the above. We like to use the synonym "utilize." Therefore our harnessing process is a process of utilization. Once we have moved negative energy into the harnessing stage, we then have complete control of this energy. Control is tricky. Therefore we must use strict principles in handling harnessed negative energy. Mental Telepathy Up until this point all of our actions taken heretofore has been cerebral. We have included little physical demand. We have taken actions that are mostly mental actions - channeling and harnessing. We can store an enormous amount of mental imagery within our brains. The conversion process, however, requires us to use telepathy more so. Telepathy requires imagination. Telepathy is defined as: NOUN the supposed communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses.
mind reading · thought transference · extrasensory perception · ESP · clairvoyance · sixth sense · psychometry We will provide the necessary mental acrobats to enable mental pictures to be created in your mind that will open your mind completely for a journey to total success. The physical realm will be emulated in our exercises. The entire process should be complete and operational within two to three weeks for most people. It depends upon desire, not money. If money is your desire, then yes! This process will enable you to complete tasks that you never dreamed of completing. The good part is you will be using converted energy from a source that is most powerful and at this juncture in great abundance. We must pay homage, however, to those who have been brave enough to come from under their rocks, sheets, shells or whatever to expose their evil! Now the planet knows the entire truth! These recently unveiled evildoers have confirmed exactly what has been hidden for many years. They have defined themselves! By them doing so, they have released many from a curse that has been haunting our entire nation. Now that we know the TRUTH, people of good will can now can lean forward and make a reasonably accurate choice. My next blog will unveil our first steps to freedom! This next blog will provide our readers with the necessary brain exercises to begin the process of converting NEGATIVE ENERGY into POSITIVE WHEREWITHAL that will engage us all to take total control of our lives forever! Just John

Tune into the Right Channel
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