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Just the Facts We can hide it with statistics, deny its existence, or we can embrace it and move on. What we do with it at this moment is critical! The fact remains that America has unintentionally genetically engineered a group of advanced human beings as a result of past slave trade activities. It is most ironic that the subjects were more cognizant of this fact more than those committing these unnatural acts. The slaves knew that they were being used for experimental purposes. How do I know this? First hand experience unveils the story. My grandfather often spoke of slave breeding. He discussed his bondage from birth up until the age of 15 years old. It was not pretty, but exposing this ugliness is not the intent of this message.

The purpose of this message is to unveil the truth. African slaves were living, thinking human beings with a purpose in life like anyone else. The humanity element of bondage is missing in our society. My grandfather provided me with a clear view of slavery. There are no mistakes in his assertions. He unveiled proof positive. Physical Strength and Endurance is the Tip Of The Iceberg Breeding was for strength and endurance. Why would they not be star athletes with extraordinary human athletic abilities? America extracted the best that Africa had to offer. Some facts have been overlooked in the engineering process, however. Individuals that are healthy and active are also more mentally adroit. These were necessary components of breeding. We must also remember that Africa is the cradle of humanity. All knowledge started in Africa. Mental and spiritual excellence will be on display soon fomenting activities unknown to most. Extraordinary Mental Adroitness! Africans, during slavery, were purposely not viewed at the time of their capture as human beings. Otherwise, how could a group of human beings enslave other human beings for so many years without knowing that this type conduct was an abomination of God and nature? Lies and the lust for money alters one’s reasoning. Systems were set in place to justify this cruel and inhumane treatment even until today. Even this inhumane treatment does not diminish the fact that altering nature has its consequences. The repercussions of these changes are at hand and siblings of the African slave is the beneficiary. Adaptability Just like breeding physical strength and endurance, mental and spiritual excellence is also part of the equation. This breeding is now apparent in siblings of African slaves, and this breeding is now coming to fruition. We cannot reverse the ringing a bell! Therefore American society must now determine how it wishes to absorb this reality. Shall we reject the existence of these facts and move on in the dark, or shall we use this extraordinary natural blessing to our national advantage? Just as sure as water is wet, in this next season, we will see even more unique abilities displayed as a result of the slave trade in America. Telepathy, clairvoyance, ESP, etc. are now all on the table. It is just a matter of the awareness of those affected. Our new political environment is the fuel that will exasperate the inevitable. Time is critical. Do Not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to reach beyond the grasp of the experiment and prosper. We are in a new age. It is called the Age of Mentality. Learn to reverse the thunder of lies. Get our special reports and Newsletter Here.

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