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Harness Mental Energy!

Many have taken advantage of the gene mutation information that I provided in my prior writings. Physical, mental, and spiritual energy can be obtained more easily during our current social and political environment. Hate, bigotry, and racism are in the air, but this is fine. For this is the fuel for harnessing unlimited energy for those with very special abilities.

It is now time for those that possess the special gene mutation to take their energy usage to a new level. The timing is right for the Age of Mentality. There have been far too many examples of what harnessing physical energy can provide.

The physical abilities of many star athletes are cases in point. We have now reached a new level. This fresh new fodder that has been concealed, obscured and hidden for many years is now in the open air. Even our elected officials are buying into racism.

Bigotry or rumors thereof wrapped in pretty paper and obscured by pretty words will no longer deceive us. Open bigotry and hatred are immediate accelerators. How could we miss it? It is REAL and in our faces.

ESP, clairvoyance, telepathy, and telekinesis are the new objectives targeted. We have some excellent instances of these attributes on display as I write this blog. The process of harnessing mental energy is somewhat familiar to those that have already mastered harnessing physical energy. The transition is quite straight forward.

I will be providing steps that enable readers to expand their physical abilities by simply using a stress-free mental process. These steps will be the initial process necessary to expand the mind through energy conversion similar to splitting an atom.

Our next Age of Mentality Newsletter provides the necessary steps to ignite the program. Following editions will continue to release more step by step instructions until completion. This erudition will enable participants to acquire great acumen's as a result of their indulgence.

The universe will be your only limitation as the universe is true and fair. Also our previously mentioned called pseudo-science will prove its worth as it is unique, original and unhampered.

It has been a very long journey, but good things are in our future. We will be featuring an exclusive section in our monthly newsletters that will provide step by step instructions how to expand physical and mental energy through a newly unveiled technique. This technique explains how to harness fuel for physical and mental energy extracted from negative energy.


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