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Jobs Held Hostage

Some believe that it is outrageous to think that America's jobs are being held hostage by politicians, and their contributors. Politics are increasingly affecting employment and unions in America. Our means of supporting our families can be easily sidetracked, by a single campaign contribution, from a renegade contributor.

Jobs are now the hinge-pin for political advancement. This tactic is not new, but it has become more pronounced. Now people with fat wallets can effect politics by buying politicians with few consequences. People are beginning to believe that many politicians, and those appointed by them occupy these posts, exclusively for money and political leverage.

Consumer Clout

Middle and lower income people are quickly losing control of the ability to make a decent income. The entire nation is now losing the capacity to have a fair choice in selecting elected officials. The choice of purchasing products, goods, and services are also quietly slipping away.

Consumers and wage-earners alike must adopt the policy to "Just Say No" to advertising from all advertising sources that do not provide instant revenue.

It has now reached the point that the consumer and wage earner, must flex consumer muscle for them to be respected by corporations. Protests and marching in the streets are falling on deaf ears. Consumers are now being forced to demand compensation for their contribution to the sales process. Human labor is now being replaced by robotics, and now artificial intelligence.

Ads Bombard

We are being bombarded with advertising of all types daily. Therefore, we must now turn our backs to advertising that does not provide us compensation. At this point, we still have a right to view the type of marketing that benefits us. We must quickly use this power for our personal financial benefit, or it too will "slip into darkness".

If we do not listen to, or look at advertisements that do not help us financially, then we will not be influenced to make purchases from these ads. Not doing so, will only benefit us financially. We must now make advertisers come to us with dollars in hand before we even consider looking at their ads.

Rebates and coupons help few that do not possess the revenue to make the initial purchase. Payments are made to consumers before they look at a promotion.

Who Benefits?

Huge revenue is expended in advertising daily. Large tax breaks are received by businesses to advertise. Everyone is benefiting from the sales process except the ones that are making it possible - the consumer

Products, goods, services, and ideas are being imposed upon consumers daily through detailed advertising. There is a great need for a system that can convert advertising clout into cash. We can then benefit greatly from our discipline. Cash in this economic climate can induce control.

The consumer must learn to resist viewing advertisements from organizations that do not pay them. If users only see ads and make purchases from advertisers that pay, then the consumer can have more influence on politics and corporate conduct.


The entire planet Earth is still relying upon America to purchase its products, goods and or services. Still yet, jobs are being replaced by outsourcing, artificial intelligence, computers, and robotics to name a few.

Giant corporations are replacing human labor with automation, robotics and artificial intelligence. Soon the job markets of the entire planet Earth will be controlled by a hand full of giant corporations. Few of us will be employed but we will be expected to purchase the products, goods, and services produced by non-humans.

How can the people of the entire plant Earth be expected to consume products without receiving revenue from the manufacturing process, distribution and sales process?

The last time I checked, computers and robots could not purchase products, goods or services. People do. Currently people that have taken our outsourced jobs are not being paid enough money to buy the products that they are manufacturing. Nevertheless, the products produced by outsourced labor, are being shipped back to America, to be purchased by Americans. Soon all nations will be thrust into a cheap labor market. Why? Where else will we be able to find employment. WAKE UP EARTH!

We need a system that will allow the consumer to convert consumer clout to cash. It would then provide a payment opportunity for the customer for product loyalty. Advertisers that are desirous of having their ads viewed by a loyal customer can then reap significant benefits.

We can recycle revenue by using this process. This revenue sharing will enable the consumer to purchase even more, spreading wealth all over the nation. The consumer, wage earner, and businesses alike can prosper from taking these steps whether they believe it or not.

Supply and Demand

With a decreased jobs market, and an increased ability to produce products, soon supply will certainly outpace demand. Eventually, a new means of placing revenue in the hands of the consumer will be mandatory. Therefore a new and more relaxed job market will be necessary. Users will be paid handsomely just to view advertisements and consumer products. We are one step ahead on this one.

Tell me, who will be able to purchase the huge volume of products. The American consumer must retain consumer power, or perish. The American consumer must hold on to its consumer clout if we are to remain a consumer nation.

Politicians and businesses management alike are much too success, and profit oriented to see the merits recycling revenue back to the consumer. While they spend their money and play their games, the consumer once again has a chance to prevail.

People Create Sales

The people must use their consumer clout to take control of the sales process. The people are the ones that make the sales process possible. Do not take the ability to consume lightly. Whether we like it or not, we are a consumer nation. The entire planet Earth depends upon people everywhere to purchase products goods and services. We did not make it this way, but we cannot afford to miss an opportunity to sustain our way of life.

We must preserve the sacred ability to consume. Without income, consumers we will not be able to make purchases, and soon our consumer clout will be lost.. What happens to a consumer nation when it is unable to consume? We have some great suggestions on how to remedy this challenge, but we cannot do it alone.

Let our voices be heard through our wallets!

The people must set the tone and speak out; We must take control of our destinies. We cannot depend on business leaders, or politicians to do it for us. Too many politicians are in bed with large corporations. They could care less about the public.

It is time for action. Let's get to work!

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