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It's Natural in the Jungle

The Rat Race

Many of us are trying to earn that extra buck by selling stuff. We could earn a lot more however if we could get beyond customs that no longer work. There is a new system that can make great increases in sales and, at the same time, enhance our jobs markets. Regardless of whether one promotes on the Internet or through means of brick and mortar, this new system substantially increases profit and is highly beneficial to consumers, and our economy.

Legislation for the wealthy

Although necessary, Spam laws for e-mail advertising and the "Do not call list" for telephone screening, limits promoting grunt for most small businesses. Still, there are many loopholes provided in these laws for the well endowed to send promotions to whomever they wish continuously without reprimand.

The Handshake that hides the snake!

Most companies that sell advertising leads acquire them by slanting the truth, or trickery. There are many phone numbers and email addresses provided for sales leads. Some are unauthorized without the OWNERS knowledge or authority. Owners of these email addresses and phone numbers are, most times, irritated when contacted, to say the least, and receive no compensation for their stress.

The acquisition of wealth is fine as long as everyone has a fair chance to play the game. It's apparent that money influences laws and lawmakers. As long as this continues, the little guys will constantly be the caboose on the train. The well-to-do will guarantee this. It’s never going to change! Who wants to give up wealth? Who wants to be poor?

We must leverage our consuming power to guarantee that wealth remains in our neck of the woods, also. It’s only human nature.

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