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Street Chemist and Scientist

In recent months, I had the occasion to meet some very, very impressive young men and women. Unlike the old days, these guys are now networking to create gadgets and gizmos to protect themselves from what they believe to be imminent harm. "Un-gun" is one of their most important projects.

These guys are very protective of their findings and relinquish little information. They feel that the government is against them. Therefore, they are devoting 100 percent of their free time to obtaining as much technical knowledge as possible.

The majority of street chemists and pseudo-scientists that I have conversed with have never attended college. They have mastered harnessing the necessary energy to obtain extreme knowledge that supersedes that provided by our colleges and universities. For points of reference exclusively, many compare their notes with those that have been fortunate enough to attend colleges and universities. Many of them rely heavily on information provided by sources uncommon to traditional science.

A person that has defined himself as a pseudo-scientist explained to me that he and his friends have stopped participating in other recreational activities enabling them to devote the bulk of their lives to obtaining high-tech info and intelligence. I asked him if he was attending college. He told me that he had a limited path to college because of finances, and he excepts this fact as a reality. He stated however that he believes with concerted efforts, he could obtain more accurate and relative information from the Internet, and other sources not even contemplated by modern scientists. He stated that he believes that his existence depends on it. Otherwise, his life will never matter in this current environment.

A young lady told me that she would be the Michael Jordan of the high-tech industry. Although she is financially unable to attend college, she believes that she will still demand recognition one day for her accomplishments to humanity.

We are in a new age - The Age of Mentality!

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