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A World Without Guns

An un-gunned society

We cannot un-ring a bell, but we possess the wherewithal to soften its tone. It is apparent that guns have provided humanity with a false sense of security. This insecurity has now come home to roost. Some now believe that we need an "Iron Dome" for the planet earth to prevent its inhabitants from killing one another and they are quietly doing something about it.

Use your telepathy and transport yourself into a world where guns and explosives are obsolete. A brilliant young man gave me a birds-eye view of his imagined world without guns. On the quiet side, this young man seems to have found the answer to the technology and how to use it, while our government twiddles its thumbs. Let us take a quick look at his world.

A New World without guns

Imagine a technology that can provide an infrared beam or airborne spray that would disable the propellants in bullets, explosives, suicide vests, and the like. Law enforcement is provided with specialized equipment to disable, and humanely apprehend criminals. Criminals no longer have functioning guns.

Guns can still be used for recreation as normal in specified areas, however. Police officers and other government agencies can employ the Un-gun technology at any designated place to prevent gun violence. Schools, airplanes, and other vital areas will be protected by explosives and gun-deactivating technology. Criminals and other assailants will be surprised when they discover that their weapons do not work.

In this world guns used by criminals and other attackers can be neutralized massively or individually. Areas can be designated as gun-free zones, this time with real meaning. It will be impossible to use a firearm in these zones. We can eliminate many fears with this recent technology.

Some will argue that Second Amendment Rights could be at issue using this recent technology. Others will complain that the people will have little protection from the government. We will be required to weigh the utility value of technology that stops gun violence, against the risks of harm caused by the irresponsible use of guns.

Already Available?

The government has already invested in technology designed to limit the effects of firearms. Will this innovative technology abridge Second Amendment rights? We can assume however that if our government does not employ this technology, private parties will certainly see wisdom in using it.

Below is an excerpt from a document explaining how this technology works:

“Researchers and technicians at W.I.T.’s material resources division have devised a molecular level chemical binding process that utilizes our patent-pending innovations to bind a nominally inert chemical chain onto the oxidizing agent in a firearm cartridges propellant. While the chemical chain remains inactivated the fuel, commonly referred to as gunpowder, functions as it should, with no loss of efficiency or power. But should they use, or threat of use, from standard firearms, be deemed dangerous by Law Enforcement or Government Officials, steps may be taken to activate the chemical chain attached to the oxidizing agent, rendering it unable to supply oxygen to the chemical reaction within the cartridge, thus permanently disabling it.”

Founded in 1943 as one of America’s first independently owned nuclear science facilities, The Wyoming Institute of Technology has been at the forefront of scientific research and advancement in the United States for more than seventy years, serving as a leading voice in a wide assortment of fields, from environmental issues of medical science to consumer tech and beyond. We will be providing more on this subject as information is received. This information will be available in our newsletters.

We have only one type of membership in our program, and it is free. We are now soliciting information from our members to enrich the flavor of our program. Members can now provide voice and text of their experiences or their elders' experiences that may be helpful in us conveying our story. Our posting forum is in our members' lounge on our website.

​We are in a new age – The Age of Mentality!

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