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Will There be more Jobs or more A.I.?

Will Robots Take our Jobs by the year 2025?


There were predictions decades ago that computers, robotics, and automation would soon reduce the value of human labor. Outsourcing and artificial intelligence was not part of the equation at that time.

One needs not be a rocket scientist to see that human labor will soon be diminished considerably very quickly. People want it easy. Less work, less thinking and more gadgets and gizmos.

One computer or robot can eliminate hundreds of employees in a heartbeat. A corporation can increase its bottom line with the flip of a switch, and in the same motion produce hundreds of unemployed wage-earners. Will robots take many of our jobs by 2025?


Once upon a time employees were loyal to their employers. It was an unwritten agreement that if you worked for GM, then you drove a Chevy, Buick, Olds, Pontiac, or Caddy. If you worked for Proctor and Gamble, then you were cooking with Crisco, or washing with Tide. These days are long gone, but there is a reason for all of this.

Antitrust Laws

Some believed that after the Great Depression, Antitrust laws curtailed corporate growth. These laws were designed to prevent corporations from becoming monopolies or oligopolies that could touch the lives of every human-being on the planet earth. Some believed that these laws prevented companies from becoming too large, and thereby supported the bond between employer and employee.

Many believe that Antitrust laws were either watered down or ignored altogether. Some believed that Antitrust laws slowed innovation, as the merging of interests enhanced innovation and financial growth. Soon corporations started merging and extending their will globally.

The Money Game

There was once upon a time when large companies and corporations talked about "cornering the market". This phrase was short-lived once corporate directors started playing the money game. Enterprises that had "cornered the market” in their industry started making statements like: "We are not in the business of making steel we are in the business of making money".

Foreign Shareholders

When corporate directors started playing the money game, all of the rules of the past went out the window. There is now a thin line between a domestic corporation and a Foreign Corporation. Shareholders and corporate directors live all over the globe in both.

There was one instance in American history when one major foreign investor in our stock markets owned enough stock shares to cripple our government if withdrawn. Because of disputes between our government and the government of this shareholder, our government was required to freeze the assets of this foreign investor. Shareholder and corporate directors live in many other parts of the world.

Corporate Management

We must understand that corporate management has loyalty to only the shareholders, and board of directors of the corporation represented. There is no loyalty to any one country. Employees of these organizations are expendable. Corporate management will do whatever it takes to increase profit. Outsourcing, computers, robotics, artificial intelligence and only God knows what else, will be used to increase corporate profit. There is little reason to believe that corporations will return outsourced jobs as long as the profit margin is apparent.

Purchasing Power

Unless we wake up and smell the coffee and start exerting efforts toward survival, many of us will become spoils of corporations' deep reach for profit. “A company must grow, or it will soon die.”

The sale of products, goods, and services still produce corporate wealth. Corporations will continue to use high-tech equipment and cheap labor to manufacture, assemble and distribute their wares. They will employ every trick in the book to expose their products, goods, services and ideas to consumers for them to make purchases of their wares.

Television, radio, telephone, and the Internet are only a few resources that huge corporations control in marketing their products. They make incredible offers that are difficult to refuse, but the spoils will go to the well-disciplined.

Do not read me incorrectly. Corporations have every right to make a profit. Consumers must pull their heads up out of the sand and embrace a new emerging revenue-generating market propelled by consumer discipline and awareness.

Most consumers are wage-earners. They must learn to make wise purchases, and “Just Say NO" to advertising that will not provide an additional financial benefit other than the actual product purchased. This extra revenue will soon be a basic requirement for survival.

Look around and you can easily see coupons, rebates, discounts, etc. designed to lure the consumer to purchase. None of these incentives will be relevant however to those with little or no income to buy products offered. We wish not to reach this point.

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