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The Paradigm Shift

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A paradigm shift as identified by American physicist Thomas Kuhn is a fundamental change in the basic concepts and experimental practices of a scientific discipline.

A few weeks ago a football player decided not to stand for the playing of our national anthem. When I first observed this resistance, I was somewhat appalled. I guess the Marine in me started to resurface. I thought about what this athlete was saying and later I more understood his feelings. I got it. Look around us.


I understand that there is much despair in all communities. The difference is the black community has always been the caboose on the train. We must realize that the black community is not merely a place where poor people live across the tracks as before. Black people live in many different communities.

Believe it or not, black people have been living next door to white people since I was a child, and I am no spring chicken. What is surprising is white individuals in the neighborhood did not know that many of their neighbors were not white. The good part is they have been living and communicating with these people for many years without strife.

Living in Harmony

I have lived in areas in the USA that have been considered super racist. Nasty words have been inscribed upon my garage door. My car has been damaged, and my personal property has been stolen and destroyed. I got little respect from the police department. Stops were more frequent than when I was still living in the hood. Sometimes I have been required to leave certain neighborhoods because of racial animosity exclusively.

I have also lived in areas that were predominately white, and I was greeted with open arms as any other neighbor. People are not always the same. What is irritating is for people to stand by and lose their dignity and mojo by condoning the dispersing of negative energy into the atmosphere.

Understanding the Power of Nature

It can be described in scientific terms, or lay, the results still remain that positive and negative charges attract each other. This creates energy. Positive energy will absorb the negative and use the thrust of this power to perform excellence whether physical, mental or spiritual.

The most important thing that must be understood is that converted negative energy cannot be directed toward negative results. Fuel from this combination must be used for positive excellence exclusively.

Expending Negative Energy

It is amazing to observe how misinformed our populace has become. Many proclaim to be people of high moral values because of their association with certain religious groups. Still, they embrace negative statements and actions that actually define them.

Many hide behind computer firewalls and spew negative words globally not realizing that every negative utterance that they make about an individual or group provides energy to be transformed into affirmative action naturally. Producers of negative vile marginalize themselves and their values and strengths.

What Defiles a Man

Jesus called the crowd to Him and said, “Listen and understand. A man is not defiled by what enters his mouth, but” by what comes out of it.

The rule of thumb is never to expend negative energy. It will only make you weaker. It would take a real dummy to sit all day long spewing vile words across the world on the Internet or through any other device. Forgive them. "For they know not what they doth".

Bubbling with Energy

I can assure you that this football player mentioned earlier has harnessed and converted an incredible amount of negative energy into positive physical energy. This would be necessary to be competitive in pro football. This is not enough for this good brother, however. He needs to do more. There is far too much negative energy in the air. He is now tapping into using this harnessed and converted energy into positive mental energy in addition to using it for physical excellence.

Beyond Physical Energy

Soon this young football player and many other athletes like him will begin using powers that will be foreign to them and others. Athletes have already reached critical mass. They have mastered processing negative energy for physical strength and are easily transferring this fuel into positive mental energy.

Now other people are starting to understand how to handle negative energy also. What About You?

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