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Wholesale Evil Converted to Good

Darkness falls across the land

Darkness falls across the land, but the sign of light is close at hand. Every goon from every tomb will rise to see a brand-new moon. Though some will struggle to hold on to lies, their children will expose them. No human mortal can deny the truth that often implodes them”. John E. Head

Yes, darkness has fallen across our land, and the people are blinded. Obviously, it was not enough to kill the buffalo, poison, enslave the people, or even genocide. Perversion has reached critical mass! This perversion will not offset the course of nature, however.

Nature has a balance

The signs are present. We must not forget our parasols for we are now being showered with lies and deception, the food for excellence. Evil produces a negative charge but remains an energy resource capable of conversion as any other energy. Our parasols will not only prevent the shower from soiling our spirits but will also provide run-off that we can channel to the proper place, convert it into a positive charge, harness it, and use it later for whatever positive things that we desire.

The Depositors

Some are unaware that they are making deposits. Most follow the religions, mores, and cultures of their ancestors. This is quite natural, but this ancestral wisdom does not guarantee that we know the complete story. Let us face reality. There are a kazillion religions, cults, and cultures globally. The question remains which one is correct? Do we determine by the number of members? How do we know? Now I am completely convinced that every religious or cult leader, etc. can provide unmitigated evidence that the platform that they are presenting is pristine. I get it. We walk by faith, not by sight. Right? This is precisely my point.

What happens to those depositing negative energy into the cosmos? How does one know if he or she is making a negative deposit? The Admonitions of Innocence in Ma'at adds depth to one's understanding of what is required to live a clean life in addition to what we are taught in other treatises.

It is not my intent to criticize any belief. I am simply concerned with what is proper to please God. I could care less about what anyone else does. Humans will tell you anything to steal your money, labor, or your soul if you allow them. Our current state of events is proof positive of this occurrence.

One would be a blithering idiot to die with devils when they can live with angels. There are many choices. I just want to make the correct choice, as there are many false profits, and we will know them by their fruits. This is stated as a truism in many documents of trust. Many, however, turn away from the truth. Many facts were hidden for obvious reasons.

There are a few things that may go amiss when we attempt to please God if we do not know the entire story. Despite the deception and hiding of facts, God still provided us all with his wisdom. Some treatises of control do not disclose all the facts, but they are addressed in the Declarations of Innocence in Ma'at. There are forty-two of them. Learn from them:

11- I have not closed my ears to the truth 13- I have not made anyone cry 14- I have not felt sorrow without reason 15- I have not assaulted anyone 17- I have not stolen anyone’s land 19- I have not falsely accused anyone 20- I have not been angry without reason 23- I have not terrorized anyone 24- I have not disobeyed the law 25- I have not been excessively angry 26- I have not cursed God 27- I have not behaved with violence 28- I have not caused a disruption of peace

For many years I have considered myself to be Christian. I have been baptized twice; would you believe it? My mom loved Jesus, but she did not have the luxury of going to church on Sunday as many others did. Most of the time she was too busy working trying to make a living for our family. My dad constantly read the King James version of the Bible during the work week, but he never attended church on Sundays. He was too busy drinking his firewater, drinking and preaching about the need for a parasol on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Parasol

Dad constantly preached about the parasol and how important it was for us to have one. This preaching about this parasol (in a drunken stupor I thought) was driving me crazy. People in the community became upset. Most of the adults in the neighborhood thought that he was completely bonkers, and I honestly believed at that time that dad was a little crazy. During the work week, dad would go to the "hole of death", come home covered in coal dust, and wash his body in two zinc bathtubs of water, one for washing and one for rinsing. During the day he would read the King James version of the Bible.

One day on a Saturday morning, I was about 14 years old, and I conjured up the nerves to ask my dad about that parasol. He told me that black people should not believe everything in the Bible. I was shocked! He said that most things were true, but many things have been omitted specifically to kill us. I was so confused that I could have just laid down and died. He said there are almost thirty-two things that have been left out of the Bible and I try to tell everyone about them every weekend because they are so important to us. He said we should know more about Maat! I asked him what Maat was, and he said that it would not be wise to tell anyone that I told you about Maat, but you should know. I never spoke to my father about these things ever again, but I never forgot what he said.

Things that are Seen

God blessed me! In the Marines, I was one of the select few chosen for Intelligence. Here I learned a lot more than the average bear. My eyes were opened to REALITY! After leaving the military my thirst for knowledge and wisdom was invigorated. I really wanted to know what my father was saying. I started my search.

When I was a young man living in Los Angeles, I became familiar with the Fred Price Ministries. Fred was my man. The good Brother taught me Mucho. Fred always taught us to "walk by faith, not by sight". I loved it! During this faith walk, I could never dispense with the words of my father. Some would say it is the Devil. I know. I get it. I just could not stop.

Then came Donald

It was in the seventies if my memory serves me correctly that I learned of the person in New York named Donald Trump. All that I knew about him at the time was that he was a high roller. The brother had cash but was laying out some foul stuff in the Times about some brothers accused of rape. Donald placed an entire newspaper ad berating these guys. I thought that it was off-color, but later the brothers being charged with rape were released. On the streets, Donald was a racist. I honestly believed that there must be an antidote to this madness. This is what has inspired me to seek the wisdom necessary to subdue the beast. This new way of thinking is not known by many but is growing at an uncontrollable rate. Check out Ukraine!

Finally, there you are! The ancient Pharaohs always declared that the secret of the Earth lies beneath the Earth's crust. I knew absolutely nothing about Ma'at until 2015 other than what my father had told me. Now I know from whence he received his wisdom. It was passed down through our genes from centuries past. I did not know how to spell Ma'at.

I thought that it was spelled m-a-t-t, therefore I could not easily locate the term. Once I learned about Ma'at and its teaching, I conducted some in-depth research on the subject. Dad was correct! There are many things that we should know that will make us much stronger. I have been able to unveil some good stuff in my journey of engaging the essence of Ma'at. It is the Rosetta Stone for life.

The entire planet Earth will observe nature take its course as we watch evil destroy itself in living color soon. Our elders are saying that this event will occur very soon, and this reality will change the mindset of the world, a change in basic assumptions.

Follow the admonitions of Romans 12:21 that advise us to flee from evil and turn bad into good. God would not ask us to do anything that is impossible. Wisdom is the key to freedom, and we have picked the lock! Ma'at is providing us the wherewithal to do just that.

John E. Head

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