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Self Destruction of Evil

Darkness falls across the land

Yes, darkness has fell across our land, and the people are blinded. Obviously, it was not enough to kill the buffalo, poison, and enslave the people or even genocide. Perversion has reached critical mass! This perversion will not offset the course of nature, however.

Nature has a balance

The signs are present. We must get our parasols for we will soon be showered with lies, but truth will be safe and dry.

The entire planet Earth will observe nature take its course as we watch evil destroy itself in living color. Our elders are saying that this event will occur very soon, and this reality will change the mindset of the world, a paradigm shift.

Darkness falls across the land, but the sign of light is close at hand. Every goon from every tomb will rise to see a brand new moon. Though some will struggle to hold on to lies, their children will expose them. No human mortal can deny the truth that often implodes them”.

John E. Head

Moreno Valley CA

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