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Will Tax reductions for the rich bring more jobs?

Old School Philosophy

A plan for jobs growth in America is needed desperately. There have been many adjustments, however regarding how businesses employ labor. Excess labor is no longer a determinate of profit. Some are realizing that excess labor decreases profit.

The plan to decrease the taxes on the job producers is designed to unleash revenue necessary for hiring more labor, but history has shown that company executives use increased revenue to increase profit, not employ labor.

Recent history unveils that companies are leaning toward robotics, computers, artificial intelligence and outsourcing to boost their profit margins.

Resurrecting the Dead

Many comments are made about the necessity of higher paying jobs, but budgets have not included education for those that have lost employment because of high-tech expansion.

It is a monumental task to re-train entire communities, and It is difficult to change the mindset of people accustomed to working in a certain industry. Still, Mr. Trump constantly speaks of bringing back industries that have been dead and stinking for decades.

Perhaps retraining support would be better, but Mr. Trump seems to like living in the days of yore. He realizes that his supporters will support his every effort to turn back the hands of time even at the peril of losing the entire nation. Many of us beg to disagree.

Obsolete Thinking

Old men ponder for years on ideas that have become obsolete. They still continue to promote these old plans as if they were new. If placed in charge, their shortness in vision will thereby attempt them to change past advances for their obsolete ideas, thereby delaying progress.

We must think more progressive and support systems that will enable more of our citizens to have leverage to deal with a runaway economy that caters to the rich exclusively.

The public must now come together with a system that will take the thunder from lies and deceit.

We have a plan. Indulge us!

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