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The Gene Mutant Extraordinaire!

What causes the slave gene mutation?

There is little difference in the biological construction of human beings. Inhumane, Stressful environmental conditions sustained for extended periods of time, however, have been known to genetically alter the mental, spiritual and physical nature of a human being.

Chemicals and radiation can damage genes. However, most mutations occur when the cell makes errors as it copies its genes. Genes are made from DNA, a chemical code with four different 'letters'. Each time one of your cells divides, it must copy around 6000 million letters of DNA code. Occasionally, mistakes are made, causing mutations. Most of these are corrected immediately, but a few manage to escape unnoticed. Ref:


Mainstream studies regarding the psychological makeup of the African Slave are sparse and inaccurate. Studies conducted by non-slave historians and psychologist are very unreliable, as the intelligence of the African slave was on most occasions, underestimated. Slaves were highly creative in concealing information that could be detrimental to their survival.

It is not about Africa

Africa is not the issue. Often, gene mutation occurs because of the body's forming natural resistance to unnatural stressful conditions. A group of people was imported from Africa and sustained inhumane conditions for many centuries as slaves. Horrific physical, mental, and spiritual conditions have serious consequences, and this can never be overlooked, regardless of how hard we try.

Most members of the African slave gene pool are unaware of the special abilities they possess by being a member of this select group. Most can perform extraordinary mental and physical tasks by simply using past, present, and future threats as an energy resource. Even perceived hate, bigotry, discrimination, and the like, are now foddered to increase mental, physical and spiritual energy for those that possess the gene mutation. It is of utmost importance that this energy is directed to positive results.

Hate has extraordinary benefits!

Discrimination, hate, racism, and the like are now fodder for creating a group of people with extraordinary mental, physical, and spiritual abilities. Their energy is only increased from events such as our government's reaction to the New Orleans Katrina storm; police killing innocent black people; discrimination in employment; voting rights blocked, etc. Current events such as hate speech by presidential candidates supplies huge amounts of fresh energy for greatness.

Many of us are unaware from whence our linage comes. Regardless of our race, creed, color or national origin, we may possess this gene mutation. We are unaware of the effects of crossbreeding with those that possess this gene mutation and others of the general population. We are working diligently to acquire more information regarding the African slave gene mutation, and how it affects us all.

We are in a new age! It is called The Age of Mentality. We have a plan. Indulge us!

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