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Consumer Power is the key to democracy!

Have you seen enough?

Most of us have just about seen enough! There have been too many lies told. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what is occurring. Money for low and middle-income people was once quietly disappearing. Now it is disappearing with a very loud voice. Lower and middle-income people are in serious trouble unless we stick together. I am just keeping it real!

The Money Grab is On

There are few solutions now available to reverse the trend of the money grab by the wealthy. Most politicians are supporting the wealthy in some way or another to enable their election or reelection. These politicians help those that donate to their campaigns. We can cross them off of our help list if it conflicts with these politicians helping their big money contributors. The dough is much too tempting. They hold their noses and look the other way. Have I left out anyone?

The money grab is very real! Who do you believe that billionaires will help? Many laws are being passed to provide more clout to the wealthy? Rest assured that favors for campaign donations are quite common. There are a few things that we can now do about this.

We Still Have The Juice

Brothers, and sisters we are on our own. We must take matters into our hands and alter our purchasing habits if we are going to survive this thing. We must trust each other. We are in the same sinking boat.

  1. We must now use what’s left of our shrinking purchasing power very wisely.

  2. Make purchases from those that support us exclusively;

  3. Buy from our fellow members at all cost;

  4. Avoid viewing advertising without getting paid.

Discipline Is The Key To The Condo

These things are much easier said than done, but we have sent out a “Hail Mary” and made diligent efforts to do something about what is happening. Maybe later we can get recognition from our purchasing power exclusively. Missing dollars always get their attention.

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