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A Hidden World

It is no longer a secret.

Those who are really in the know giggle as they watch certain people attempt to rewrite past occurrences. His story is not enough for people that have seen REAL evidence that is truly unbiased. Four hundred fifty years of servitude provides one with prima facia evidence. When one is within the inventor's household, one would be remiss if they do not learn to invent. Imagine being a fly on the wall in George Washington's house and every other senator, congress member, or president's house ever elected. Now, this is reality!

Some believe that by saying certain things, they will become realities. Some of us know the feeling of being ignored as if we were not human beings. We have experienced listening to people talk about subject matter that concerns us right in our faces as if we were from another planet. This conduct of ignorance is not foreign to other people in service positions.

People working in service positions are more alert and possibly more astute than those plotting against them. Over centuries they have developed a world unbeknownst to most. Slaves were very aware of their condition and were mindful of what was necessary for immediate freedom and freedom for their offspring. Many developed an entirely new language to protect their security at all times. They realized that if discovered, they would suffer severely. A philosophy was developed that exists today among people employed in the service industry.

Cat and Mouse Game

Will the game catch the hunter? We will see! We can BS ourselves forever, but one thing is sure. The Great Pyramids exist! The nose and lips of the Sphinx are severed, and there is an abundance of statues, artifacts, paintings, hieroglyphics, etc., within the tombs of the Great Pyramids. We also know that the Great Pyramids possessed statues mostly of people with African features, if you wish. We also know that Egypt was named Kemet before its destruction by the barbarians. We also understand that Pyramid construction occurred when the Nubians occupied Kemet or Egypt! Khufu and Khafre were at the helm.

Where is Egypt?

It is easy to draw a map but it must also represent the accurate territory. If we look at ancient maps, Egypt was in the continent of Africa. Looking at Hollywood's depiction of "Egypt," we will see Charles Bronson and Elizabeth Taylor. The stories told about the Egyptian people are horrific in the Bible. They allegedly enslaved people for so many years until God sent Moses to speak to the Pharaoh. When we read this story, we tend to despise the Egyptians as biblical stories depict them as satanic.

What did slaves think when they heard the story about the mean Pharaoh? I am sure this story in the Bible gave slaves extreme hope. Still, we must beg why it was essential to teach this specific part of the Bible to slaves. It did not take slaves long to discover why. They took to it as a fish takes to water, quickly dismissing anything misstated.

Remember that slaves were mentally sophisticated beings that appeared to be ignorant. They learned quickly that the religious thing was for control. They had to play the game to get the benefits. It is happening right until this day. No Job? When in doubt, one can always become a preacher. I know that many that go into the ministry have good intentions. I have seen to the contrary; however, I'm just keeping it real.

Drinking The Poison We Concocted

Some believe that history started with George Washington. They still want us to accept those old stale lies that have been in our fake history books. They scream and cry about canceling a culture that they have stolen from others. Some sitting in high positions believe that hiding the history of this country is healthy. Many are attempting to hide indiscretions that have long been discovered and forgiven. Their actions show how far they are from reality. The sad thing is that they believe that the American people are stupid enough to believe this crap. People worldwide laugh at them as they enjoy the benefits of the glorious things provided to our society by people of color.

Many are so blind that they refuse to believe history in its purest form. These nonbelievers continue to fool themselves at the expense of their integrity. How can we now trust lawmakers that ask us to turn a blind eye to the truth? God, however, is constantly reminding them of their transgressions.

The world was in despair! I am happy to see that God is still perfect. He allowed a black woman to be among those to provide us with a vaccine to save all humanity. Dr. Corbett, a black woman, has helped keep the world by delivering a vaccine against COVID-19. Where will this be in his storybooks? Will this event be buried in the dark ages of his story? It is questionable if the powers will tell the world, but we know the story of when and why it happened, no questions about it. This story will be one that perhaps we can say to our children or grandchildren, hopefully without reprisals.

Ignorance of Nature

People were ignorant of the laws of nature in past seasons when they elected to enslave millions of Africans for more than 350 years. They were unaware of the fact that the knowledge possessed by them was derived from these people. Had they the wisdom to refrain from their actions, they would not have created a group of people with extraordinary physical, mental, and spiritual accolades. They would have been aware of the fact that when one is blind other God-given senses are accelerated, such as hearing, taste, etc. Had they known about isometric energy and how it affects humans, their efforts would have been far less intrusive. Many are still unaware of the creature they created, and they continue to attempt to put the genie back in the bottle, to their chagrin.

Lies, corruption, deceit, bigotry, and hate are now poisonous in our drinks. Can we now drink the Hemlock, or do we go into exile for a season? If history is true to form, then this, too, shall pass, as we know that the seasons must change. Like a clock, the pendulum swings in both ways. If we take the advice of a few wise people, we will know what is behind the curtain. We can see it peep out of its ugly head as politicians are NOT ashamed of lying. This confusion is a sign that the time is nigh! TRUTH will set all of us FREE!

There is always calm, before but also after the storm. God has provided us with the wisdom to assist in this peace. I lament for those lost in a hidden world. Pick our brains and emerge yourselves in understanding as you prosper!

Just, John


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