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Capture the Lightning

Nature tells the story. It is all about energy. We observe the lightning much sooner than we hear the sound of the thunder. Our ancestors were able to make sense of it all. They extracted energy from all dimensions and were able to build monuments and pyramids that are still standing despite the time. They lived close to nature and indulged in its complete essence.

Even after calculating and measuring to determine the exact quotient and potential, many human beings have been remiss in acquiring the necessary wisdom to understand what makes the clock tick. They have exclusively taken their eyes off the ball for power, convenience, and comfort. Some have the unmitigated gall to create “History,” a story told by one that consists of elements to control all. Corruption, lies, deceit, and every trick necessary to deceive and control the masses have been employed, preferably remotely, for self-endowment. They know precisely what they are doing but are so attracted to the treasures and pleasures of deceit that they refuse to adhere to the warnings of nature and God.

The Silver Linings

Time, conditions, knowledge, experience, and wisdom are a few things that can cause a change in the way humans think. We have discovered that conditions change over a specific period, experience morphs into knowledge, and knowledge becomes wisdom. This wisdom exclusively unveils whether the thunder or the lightning is more profound.

Humans are curious but are inherently possessed with ambitions to preserve their way of life regardless of how misguided. Many will hide, deflect and distort TRUTH if it interferes with what they consider their norm, regardless of stories, technology, and wisdom attained by “others”, not of their kind. Some humans will delete, distort, conceal, hide, pervert, and change the findings of others eons before them if these findings do not fit the narrative desired.

We can use Socrates as an example of human errors in judgment! He traveled to far-off lands to acquire knowledge and indulge in people's wisdom from those lands. He received enormous insight as a result of his travels. The knowledge gained by Socrates was the cause of his death. He was ordered to either drink hemlock or to exit Greece permanently, despite the bountiful wisdom he acquired. Why?

The wisdom that Socrates acquired did not fit the narrative for the season. Later, after leaving Greece for 40 years as a result of being trained by Socrates, Plato returned to Greece and employed the knowledge discovered by Socrates. This wisdom was accepted and used as if it originated in Greece. Later Aristotle employed this wisdom and was adorned with many accolades due to Socrates’ findings. We are now blessed with the ability to use this knowledge in America today, and most Americans are unaware of these things.

What the heck does this have to do with Thunder and Lightning? Indulge me for a moment, and I will explain. Thunder is always boisterous and loud, but lightning is deadly. Nonetheless, lightning has already struck when the sound of thunder is heard. To enable humans to capture the energy from the lightning, they were required to understand these things. It was learned that the thunder was harmless, and the lightning was most devastating. This is called wisdom!

In a different season, some learned that it was not the crack of the cat of the nine tails that caused the pain, but its force was painful when it hit the flesh. Still, the break of the whip was terrifying. Some learned to anticipate this pain and brace themselves from its impact! Every time the whip cracked, pain could be expected. As time passed, the crack of the whip became less critical. Now the focus was placed on its impact. Soon, those that endured this wisdom for centuries learned to differentiate energy from noise.

If we take everything I have discussed in this blog thus far, a lesson can be learned about activity occurring in our neck of the woods right before our eyes. Many are ignorant and recalcitrant to acknowledge pearls of wisdom from far-off lands. This ignorance elevates others to more favorable positions to create more informed narratives. Some have indulged in understanding from times past and lands afar. They have studied beliefs and practices that demand TRUTH as an energy resource. Others bereft of this wisdom will fail to understand these things, and their quest for self-adornment will not allow them to digest the pill even if it was placed in their mouths. They would prefer to live in LaLa land and create “his story” without substance or reality. This ignorance exclusively provides an opportunity for world peace and stability.

It's All About the Energy

Sometimes I giggle, but it is not comical. Seeing so many people with the potential of goodness ruin their lives because of a false ideology saddens me. It is so apparent in the current season. God has provided us with technology capable of recording our lives in living colors. We must wonder why? A good guess would be for us to record the errors of our ways and make improvements. Still, there will be some destined to distort these engraved images and alter their appearances. They would still prefer to embrace a lie bound to defile them but still believe that the benefits of lies are more important than pleasing God. I beg to differ!

It has been proven throughout the annals of history that energy is static, but It cannot be altered. It can, however, be harnessed. It can be captured and converted into many different dimensions. Some are ignorant of these findings. They are unaware that negative energy is ill-spent energy that can be channeled, arrested, and converted into a positive resource.

Negative energy, as stable as it may be, is a resource to behold! Negative energy must be channeled to be of value, however. Categorizing or channeling negative energy is necessary to determine its significance for the purpose intended. If this negative energy is derived from vile, devious, evil, fraudulent, or debilitating means, the individual channeling such energy must ensure that its intent is directed to harm he or she channeling said energy. At this point, knowledge will be acquired to determine if this energy is ripe for conversion by this individual.

Some may ask why one should harness this negative energy. It is the same as separating thunder from lightning. Think about it. Negative energy is static and can be captured; intense negative energy provides a severe positive charge when converted. This is why negative energy spewed across the airwaves by a President, Senator, Congressperson, or someone of significant influence carries intensive value. This is the type of energy desired for conversion. Once this energy is converted and captured, it can be used for enormous good. Some may ask how we use energy converted from bad to good.


Do not be dismayed. I will not ask anything of anyone that has not been done before. Telepathy, in the raw, is simply the ability to place oneself in someone else’s shoes and walk. Once we, or people we love, are exposed to violence, hate, bigotry, evil acts, etc., it is not difficult for us to relive these atrocities in our minds. Some can live out the feelings of their ancestors in Hitler’s gas chambers or being auctioned off at a slave auction. This is not difficult to do. When we revisit the atrocities of our ancestors, or vile acts performed upon us, our brains record these events. If horrific enough (I do not know this value), the brain can fully associate past evil with current thoughts residing in our subconscious minds. Pictures and images of these past events stimulate our brains to push back upon these events mentally. The energy required to form this mental pushback can now be combined with the energy resource derived from the vital energy converted from vile, evil acts performed upon the subject or his or her ancestor.

Prerequisites for Usage

Jesus would say, “verily I say unto you.” I am speaking to take note of the most important aspect of utilizing energy. Whatever you do, do not attempt to use converted negative points into instruments of evil. Do not attempt to use converted power for get back, payback, revenge, etc. We must constantly be reminded that if we exude negative energy in our persona, it can be used against us by others, and it will be adverse to our ancestors' beliefs that we must please God! In other words, we must keep in balance and not perform acts that do not please God as prescribed in the ancient beliefs of Ma‘at.

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