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Did Someone Say Reparations?

Lesson V.

Centuries of Lies and Deceit?

One would be very foolish to believe that he or she can expect reparation from the primary source of the damage. Just look at them. The Republicans cannot agree whether or not to allow minorities the unmitigated right to vote as yet. So finally, we have reached an era whereby God and Nature have provided us the unfathomed resources to avert a world catastrophe!

I learned about the 40 acres and a mule lie 70 years ago. Some people believed it. My father did not! He believed what most Native Americans believed, especially the "Creek Indians." He was half Creek. "They speak with forked tongues." This verbiage expressed my dad's opinion about the 40 acres and mule stuff. As a very young man, believe it or not, I was very concerned about getting the 40 acres. The mule was not so exciting. It may seem ridiculous that a six-year-old boy would be so worried about finances and survival. We had no choice. Most black people learned the game very early.


My adolescent years were tumultuous. Unfortunately, or fortunately, as the case may be, I was exposed to some real fowl stuff. By the time I was ten years old, I had observed the residue of a black man hanging in the woods. At the age of 14, I saw the mutilated body of one of our friends in the community. By the age of 15, my sister's close friend died as a result of being lynched. He was a soldier a Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Please do not interpret what I am saying as a vehicle for evil. On the contrary, the evidence thereof is evil. It truly breaks my heart to expose this horror. I feel it necessary, however, for me to express from whence I get my assertions. History has a way of clearing the air if the story is TRUE. The term "his" in history is ridiculous! His, to me, implies one person's account. Therefore, his story is far less convincing than our story or "ourstory." Nevertheless, some still believe that the conquerors are allowed to write history. This attitude was once very genuine and worked very well as long as it was within reason. However, the alteration of the entire history of a people requires that no remnants of the culture remains.



After the 14th century, Kemet became Egypt. Today there are profound remnants of the Kemetic society. Some have stated that Barbarians destroyed artifacts, statutes, and other vital documents that defined the Kemetian culture between the 15th and 17th Century. Coincidentally, this was the time period shortly after Christopher Columbus' journey of the Americas.

It is no secret now that the Nubians were the inhabitants of the Pyramids. The Sphinx was damaged during this destructive period obviously to send a message. Why was the nose cut off? Few people if anyone in America can provide us the answer to this question. It has been hidden for the same reason the Tulsa massacre was not revealed. The were aware of the curse that I wish not to reveal in this blog. The remnants of black people are sprinkled all over Egypt and other parts of the globe. Many cultures acknowledge this great culture of people. In America, it is hidden. It just did not fit into the American narrative black people being intelligent human beings. It still does not up until this day. I guess it could be pretty frightening that the people you are demeaning are possibly more intelligent than you. If we keep it real we will all understand that our culture was inherited from OUR CULTURE, if you get my drift.

Hidden Agendas

I laugh as I observe misinformed people continue to espouse century-old debunked lies. But, unfortunately, some believe that the same tired tactics are relevant. "The beans are already out of the bag." One cannot hide from himself! God is inevitably Good! Nature has systematically provided blessing upon all humankind. We are only conduits for these blessings.

Let us take a look at the Tulsa Massacre in 1921. For one hundred years, this horrific event remained secret . Why? Why were these facts hidden? Our ancestors were wiser than most believed. I can remember these horrific truths discussed in front of a coal-burning fireplace in the hills of West Virginia 71 years ago. Yet, at that particular time in space, I was not mindful of the value of this wisdom being passed on to me. Slavery was so frequently disgusted in my family until my memory concerning the Tulsa, Oklahoma massacre is faint. I saw this as a small event in comparison to slavery. Memories embedded in my mind about slavery were so horrific until they diminish the thunder of all other stories told to me at that time. Our parents and grandparents repeatedly mentioned the Tulsa massacre, however.

Why discuss the past?

Why not? Something is compelling about truth and history. So why are events being deleted from the account? Our ancestors were aware of the value of history. All during their enslavement and indeed after, many of their captors understood their accurate intelligence but would never admit it. Greed, corruption, power, control are a few words that describe the reasons for the massacres of millions of people of color here in America. Savages, inhumane, mongrels are few kind words some have used to describe identify people perfectly created by a power that some humans have difficulty understanding.

Some still believe that hiding their past will protect them and their offspring from embarrassment or ridicule. But, unfortunately, this ship has already sailed. It sailed when America enslaved millions of black people for hundreds of years, not knowing the creature's innate abilities that were enslaved. If the slave owners had done due diligence, they would have known that the animals they believed to be inferior were wiser than they assumed. It has taken centuries for our ancestors to perfect a process that will free all humanity, not just people of color.

Almost three hundred years before my grandfather was born, black people had been fighting for freedom. During "slavery times" as my mother would say, black people have solicited many prayers believing for relief. Ironically, their innate beliefs in God were unknowingly imposed upon them by their captors. Thank God! This showed you how much slave owners knew about the creature they were enslaving. Had their captors known that the religions imposed upon the slaves were the religion of choice of the slaves. I am sure that this would never happened? This same religion, Christianity, depicted stories quite similar to the inscriptions written in hieroglyphics within the tombs in Kemet. These beliefs had been in place 4000 years BC. Slaves took to this religion as fish brought to the water. Slaves mentally eliminated parts of the scriptures that were obviously being taught for control and obviously contrary to their past understanding of God. God is all-powerful! Remember? "Seek and ye shall find". "Knock and the door shall be opened".

Opportunity For All

God allowed slavery to exist for more than 400 years. We have built a great nation, much of it from free and cheap labor. Many have become rich and even super-rich because of this slave labor. Still, many believe that slavery was just fine. Some believe that the slaves owe them for room and board. I can assure you that they do. That is fine! One can think what he or she will or may, but we know the end to this story and so does God.

The red birds shined a light on the bodies of our ancestors that died in the Tulsa massacre. This redbird’s appearance signifies that your ancestors are thinking about you from heaven. This vibrant red bird is also called the messenger of God. The tenants of God have provided our people with blessings that are unknown to most. But, unfortunately, there are a few that know the truth but continue to hold on to the lie. We laugh as they twist themselves into pretzels to appear honest to the public. Someone once said: "Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive." Deception is compounding and confounding.

I realize that I spent an enormous amount of time talking about slavery in this blog. Why not? Slavery has been the most devastating infringement upon human life in all history. Even the Holy Bible translated by the infamous King James did not depict such horror. Willie Lynch's letter to slave owners was only a picnic, no pun intended, as to what occurred during slavery. One can cry FAKE NEWS forever, but black people will never forget. We know exactly what happened, and so does God. We cannot hide from the EYE of Heru!

Believe me or not, God has already repaired us. Man cannot give us reparations for the damage done by man. Our ancestors prepared us to rely on God for our reparations and God has delivered! It is necessary for all humanity to unleash itself from lies and evil. There is no question that we are not responsible for the misdeeds of our ancestors. If we are under the curse of evil through association, we must once again learn to channel this evil. It will always appear more brilliant and suggestive than other choices. Truth and honesty will set you free. We can Channel, Harness, and Convert this evil into positive resolve regardless of our race, creed, color or religion. All of the rules of the program are applicable. They are fairly straight forward. Remember "My yoke is easy"?

As a nation, as a world, let us not miss this enormous opportunity for clarity. I realize that this session has been much about what little apparent past that remains. But, I want you to know how and why I am so sure that we are on the right track. Truth speaks LOUD! We have thoroughly vetted our assertions. There is a history that goes untold about the least of us. Sometimes there are some inspiring verses in unsung songs. Please be mindful of the fact that we love all people. God made us all and God will continue to bless us as long as we acknowledge TRUTH. We are in a new age - The age of mentality!

Just, John

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