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The Fly on the Wall

The Beans are Out the Bag

How can one NOT KNOW after being force-embedded in the master's house for four hundred years? How many flies on the wall do we require? The good thing about being a fly on the wall is few people notice you. If you do not fall in the buttermilk, or fly in someone ear, your presence will never occur. Some privileged pets such as dogs and cats lived inside the big house. Slaves lived outside. Some slaves, however, still felt honored to be chosen as a pet. Pretend to be dumb as hell and they will choose you! There was a reason for this. Children tell their pets things that they will never say to their parents and our ancestors knew these things. Think about that for a while.

Human Nature

All people are the same! Slaves realized the importance of programming eons ago. Believe it or not, this is where algorithms began. What would these black dummies know about algorithms? We will see! Some believe that if they can change other people's ways of thinking, they can control that individual. This assertion is only valid to a certain point. People skeptical of their pasts constantly tell their children lies to cover their past indiscretions. They will go to great lengths to hide the truth. Some will attempt to change his story, my story, or your story to reach this endeavor.

How much can one know when they cling to the wall as a fly in George Washington's house, or Thomas Jefferson's home, or even Ronald Reagan's place of abode and is unnoticed? How much can you learn when the children of Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, and army generals "spill the beans" as their parents bask in the pleasures provided by the dumb old negro slave.

People of good conscience know that brainwashed individuals become NME! Or they have lost their ability to do critical analysis. NME is a state of No Mental Energy. Most people in this state of mind are irrational and easily led. All that it takes is a pearl of certain wisdom learned by 400 years of forced servitude to understand all that occurs at this moment in time. They stole the slaves' physical labor, but the slaves stole their mental and spiritual acumens. What a hell of a trade?

The Wise are Aware!

Fortunately, most have been aware for many years, and they remain cognizant! Those trained with NME will believe that they are correct under all circumstances. "I Won The Election". They do not have the blessings of critical analysis. This lack of conscience is their shortcoming. Wise people know them well. Their love and relationships are transactional.

Some even believe that lies will advance their endeavors. They will use every trick in the book to gain the affection of others. They will corrupt any initiative for peace. They want order without laws. Their order is always that which enhances them and degrade others.

Times have changed. One cannot simply speak things into being that are false and corrupt. They got the "Secret" message but misunderstood it. They constantly indulge in other ancient cultures, not knowing the consequences of their actions. This total lack of knowledge and understanding of life will lead to their unconscious self-destruction. Who sinks with them depends upon one's ability to channel, harness, and convert this mysterious negative energy. Someone broke the code over 400 years ago. Now we possess the mental and spiritual capacity to subdue this ignorance.

We can only Teach. Join us.

Just, John


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