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Fine Tuning the Channel

Lesson III

Remnants From the Past

I will use examples that, to some, maybe painful. Our mental and physical makeups possess remnants of experiences endured by our ancestors. Unlike eye color, facial structure, and mental capacities, other characteristics go unnoticed. That which is unseen is most important. There are no studies or barometers that can detect these unknown quantities. Through a lens that directly connects to past lives, we see them in past generations seared into our beings.

Mistakes are Deadly

Do not misinterpret hate, bigotry, racism, evil acts, etc., as actionable. We must thoroughly vet anything that we interpret as evil directed toward us. We must do due diligence to determine the truth before wasting even one second attempting to extract negative energy. Just because a statement is painful does not mean that it exudes negative energy. Remember we must siphon “NEGATIVE” energy to convert to positive energy! If the power that you mentally siphon is not harmful, then you have wasted your time.

Link Your Activities

Use your link to the past! If offended and have done all diligence to determine the truth, the next step is to link the experience or experiences to your exercise sessions. This process will perfect as time goes by. Often, facial expressions, the sound of a voice, a particular smell or odor are earmarks that sear the moment into your brain. Your brain will also connect to the brains of many ancestors. You will experience almost precisely what they experienced. Your research will advance your angst to exert more efforts towards merging the physical and mental. The gap between the physical and psychological realms will become less apparent. Once these two realms are similar, this is when you will discover your mental attributes.

Let us Get to Work!

If you have never done physical exercise before, I suggest that you go to YouTube and observe some simple exercise programs. ( We have listed one resource in our lounge on our website located at . Choose the exercise that is most comfortable for you to view until branded into your mind constantly. Once you accomplish this task, you can proceed with the program as any other participant who has been exercising for years.

One may ask why are we exercising? It is not just simply exercising. It is using your physical body and your mind (brain) to marinate into one another. Your brain and body become more in tune. Your physical strengths increase as your mind records these events day in and day out. We suggest achieving a goal of 50 rounds of exercises as a maximum. You may begin at whatever level suits your comfort.


Our website contains a link called Channeling Tools. Here you can choose tools that will assist you in mastering our program. We have provided examples of videos that depict incidents that may be relative to some of our subscribers. Videos offer vivid images of events that some find objectionable. Others may think these events are amusing. I always like to use the Holy Bible as a reference that many of us understand. “You will know them by their fruits”! Some amusing things are not fruitful!

I guess you want to know how long you must channel before you can convert negative energy into positive resolve? You will see the answer to this question before I do, and you will tell me about it. Some people catch on very fast! But we must never forget that we must NEVER attempt to use this information to punish or retaliate against ANYONE, regardless of how egregious their act. Listen to me, and you will do just fine.

I will let you stir around on your own with the information that I have provided. I will be providing more lessons and updates on how to harness this negative energy, and convert it into positive wherewithal. I will also share other discoveries that I believe are necessary for progress.

Just John


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