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God Whispers to All Humanity

The Holy Bible speaks about judging approximately seven times. One of the more notable scriptures is Matthew 7:1-5, which says, “Do not judge or you too will be judged.” Also, biblical scriptures mention the meek inheriting the Earth approximately 100 times. One notable scripture is Matthew 5:5, which says, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” If we use the Holy Bible as our guide to salvation, one looking from afar could easily conclude that we are a Godless nation if we use our leaders as examples.

Some of us are familiar with God’s whispers, from digesting other treatises that direct humans to God’s words. If one is observant, he or she can glean enormous wisdom by simply indulging God’s words from more than one perspective. If they do, they, too, will be poised to appreciate God’s wisdom and embark upon a journey to cast away lies and ignorance and understand the meaning of God’s perspective from the mouths of many from different parts of the world.

Some will continue to view the words of God as a tool for wealth and self-aggrandizement. Still, God whispers in the minds of all humans, and many elect to reduce these whispers to symbols, hieroglyphics, words, audio, video, and other devices. God has supplied humans with abilities to enable them to understand God more fully.

God’s desires are transparent, however. Still, humans are more interested in pleasing themselves than for them to please God. Many of us can now understand God’s words more clearly because of new technology and the like, God has provided. This is why some have broken the code and are sharing their passwords.

A new awakening is taking place. Many are now seeing the strengths in meekness and humility. This is why some of the most corrupt individuals known to humanity now hold pity parties, attempting to join the meek and humble through lies and deceit. Many of us already possess a ticket to ride the train with the meek and humble because of the longsuffering of our ancestors embedded within our genes. The wicked will continue to lie and obscure God’s words to fit their narratives. We know better.

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