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In Harmony with the Universe

Our ancestors were of many beliefs. However, modern society labels what determines a religion, cult, etc. Some may disagree, but most people have little choice in their assigned faith, and religions are mostly inherited. Logic would dictate that one include an element of a balance with God and indeed the Universe in their faith. For this reason, exclusively, I have selected information from the interpretations of the author Henri Frankfort in his book on Ancient Egyptian Religion, pages 59 through 80.

Once one can grasp the wisdom displayed by learning the tenants o “Maat,” then one will possess the prerequisite knowledge to understand the gist of converting negative energy into positive resolve. Our ancestors centered their entire world around adhering to the principles of this enlightening concept, and Maat is all things good. Its meaning has more than 40 definitions in the English language. Our elders believed in only one, and it is universal. Indulge it!

We have made this soundtrack recording a mandatory element to acquire the necessary wisdom that we are espousing. Enjoy!

Just, John


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