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Is America losing its Hi-Tech Edge?


In past centuries, America has been the cornerstone of technology.  Other nations have paled compared to America’s ability to create gadgets and gizmos that have astonished Earth. Because of this, America has been the leading nation in wealth, health, and prosperity.

Although America has expanded its prominence throughout the globe, it has been remiss in its ability to honestly share its successes with people who have been instrumental in this success. Many inventions and many of America's strengths have been coveted.

The ruling class of America has been reluctant to share its successes with the people who have been the most valuable to not only America's intrinsic value but also its culture. America has deceived not only its people but also other nations into adopting its beliefs.

In seasons past, Most of America's labor force successes have been occupied by one group of its inhabitants. Not only has this group of people contributed to America's labor force, creating colossal wealth for some people, but this labor force has quietly contributed to America's technological prowess. For eons, contributions provided by this group of people have been hidden, and all credit for their contributions has been coopted by a few people.

Some think they are superior because they have acquired the military grunt to overcome other people, nations, etc. They have deceived themselves into believing that the “spoils go to the victors.”  They place their confidence in a false premise that there is only one dimension, although this premise has been debunked thoroughly. This is why I am writing this blog.

It is time for America to awaken and realize its full potential. I have been discussing this matter in many different blogs that I have written to share valuable information with those lost in their deception. I am not attempting to claim more than what is available; however, some people have deceived themselves to the point that America will soon be viewed as a primitive nation in comparison to others. I love America and can no longer retain the wisdom vital to America's excellence or existence.

Those who are wise ALWAYS remember who they are and from whence they came.  They catalog, analyze, and critique information vital to their existence. Unfortunately, I cannot provide information from resources that have not been pertinent to my existence or the existence of my people. Most of us know that there have been few efforts devoted to this subject by others apart from those accruing wisdom for their wellbeing, exclusively, or fodder to confirm their superiority.

One will require enormous elasticity in one's thinking to imagine being bound, gagged, and enslaved for the balance of one's existence. Fortunately for some of us, we can imagine such horror within our genetic makeup. This exclusive ability enables us to think in ways foreign to those bereft of this ability.

When one is physically, mentally, and spiritually enslaved, the most crucial thing in that person’s mind is freedom. This is why many possess the incredible ability to visit dimensions unparalleled to none, seeking refuge from this horrific, accurate, or imagined condition. This ability has enabled many descendants of enslaved people to possess acumens that are unimaginable to others.

Some of the devices and technologies developed by enslaved people and the descendants thereof were created to reduce the toil of their labor or designed to enact their freedom. There is no wonder why many descendants of enslaved people have displayed feats that are sometimes viewed as impossible. Even the genetic makeup of those people is mindboggling. Some possess cellular aberrations that have astonished the entire planet. (Henrietta Lasts blood cells.)  Only a few of the many things that are unique in the physical, mental, and spiritual makeup of enslaved people and their siblings have been unveiled. They learned to covet findings about themselves as they knew how these findings would be coopted, coveted, and used against them.

Their value has been discounted by those imbued with self-pride and feelings of superiority. Nonetheless, these people, the slaves, who have been physically, mentally, and, or emotionally abused for many centuries, have possessed the wisdom to study and evaluate themselves from the inception of their enslavement. This is a feat that unwise people believe to be impossible.

Planet Earth is now observing that even teenagers of the people of slaves are now resolving equations unsolved for thousands of years. A case in point is two teenagers from New Orleans, Louisiana, who solved the Pythagorean Theorem. This is a theorem that has not been solved for 2000 years. Few people can even grasp the enormity of this development.

Unfortunately, America will no longer be privy to many technological developments it has once enjoyed in past seasons. People of the slaves are now realizing that their many contributions are not appreciated as they once believed them to be in past seasons. It has been disclosed that regardless of their contributions to America, they will always be second-class citizens when they think the contrary. These people are no longer divulging their wisdom to America as in the past, as they realize that their gifts are being used to support narratives that are not conducive to their well-being. This is why soon America will wilt on the vine while other nations will thrive utilizing the wisdom of the genius of the people of the slaves. This is very alarming and something that we should all understand.


John Head


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