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Is it a nightmare or just me?

The world watched as they screamed in apparent displeasure. Those who know the truth were not surprised by this strange measure. They wanted to know exactly what to do, about the sordid things for which others already knew. The world already knew them but they would continue to disguise, their confusing histories, corruption, and their lies. The wise ones knew and could not be fooled, for they embraced unfiltered TRUTH and were properly schooled.

The school of hard knocks is not easy to do, but wisdom comes upon us once we take a knock or two. When your knocks do not stop, there is no light at the end of the road, there are many seasons ahead, and not one eases your load. You bare many children and time passes you by, as you watch them become slaves, many suffer and die.

They call it Christmas, everyone seemed so happy, until they even decorated a tree. They are all giving gifts away. These masters treat me a little better, I hope a gift is not me. I learned the hard way about this very strange day when my children were wrapped in beautiful paper and secretly given away. When I saw this, it was clearer to me, that whatever savior they were worshipping could not save me.

But God and Nature were watching and time still passed away. These many years of suffering infused love into our DNA. This phenomena opened the eyes of many so they too could see, that converting evil to good will make us all free!

It is clear and obvious and I'm sure that God agrees, that the key to our freedom rests totally in our seeds. Somebody screamed RIDICULOUS! How could that be? They were so ignorant when we found them most lived in a tree.

They still did not understand that God and Nature make all of the rules. Humans believe that they know it all, but most are just fools. Their Bibles tell them how to conduct themselves honorably, but they say to hell with all others. Everything is for me!

They can do what they will or may, it really does not matter. For most will alter the words of God to agree with their deranged chatter. They live in a false dimension trying to make others believe, that happiness and freedom only they should receive.

Explaining their fate to most would all fall on deaf ears. Why should we care if they believe us after all these years? After all is said and done we would truly look like fools, to continue believing, the lies taught in some of your books and most of your schools.

Although the pain and suffering were borne by our ancestors and some even by you and me, we still forgive all that have trespassed against us so the entire world will see.

Some are always mentioning culture, but from whence did this culture come? Where are all of the statutes, artifacts, and pyramids? Where can they be? When we dig the Earth's crust deeper, we would be blind if we did not see, the culture that we've been digging up only belongs to you and me!

Just, john

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