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Is It Felony Murder?

When President Obama roasted Donald Trump at that infamous dinner in Washington D.C., Mr. Trump did not realize that Obama was using ancient tactics on Mr. Trump to ferret out negative energy. Mr. Trump was enraged! Some believe that his anger propelled him to become President! Not only did Trump provide huge negative energy for converting, but he also convinced millions to condone his actions. Obama did not expect such a bounty. Obama was only testing the waters but hit the jackpot! The negative energy was like none before, and those familiar with what happens next are sure that it will enable healing globally.

Not only did Trump provide huge negative energy for converting, but he has now exposed the entire Republican Party to an alleged murder COVER-UP while the entire planet watches. Whether the alleged Trump, and his coconspirators know it or not, Merrick Gardner will more than likely charge all conspiring members with felony murder, in addition to sedition if he really does his job.

Sedition may be a little difficult to prove, but the excitement of the riot is obvious. We all saw what happened! When a person is killed in committing a dangerous felony, the FELONY MURDER RULE is at play. It really does not matter who did the killing, the rule still applies to all involved. The RNC will now be exposed exponentially.

The RNC will now be accused of censuring Liz Cheney and others for simply getting to the bottom of the truth and exposing those responsible for the taking the lives of others by their reckless behavior, which is undoubtedly MURDER! Pence and Lindsay Graham are wise enough to see the freight train coming down the track. Others are foolish enough to believe that their silence will exculpate them. Ha! RNC constituents, consisting of Evangelical Christians are now donating money to a party that provides the legal fees for obviously accused MURDERERS. I'm positive that their God will just love this.

Wise people LOVE their efforts, however; as they just have more negative energy to convert. Some just keep on giving! No big thing to them because they do not understand what is occurring. Some will double, or even triple down, on their evil acts believing that they are hurting others, while the wise ones laugh and enjoy their strange behavior as a Soap Opera or other entertainment! People that know the score really love it!

I am sure the RNC members will love to continue hiding their courageous histories from their children. Perhaps in a few years or so, they can too burn this history from all books that mention anything about it, along with their other glamorous histories. If one inserts a smidgen of intelligence in appraising this endeavor, it would be more fruitful to burn the entire Internet than books, if either is possible! I am sure that every book that is burned is available in many different genres online. These acts are totally revealing!

Wise people that understand the signs of the seasons are delighted with their efforts. The negative energy that is produced is world-changing! Some unconsciously keep on giving! Their enormous gifts enable marching in the streets, protesting, wearing signs saying "I am a Man" and Black Lives Matter, etc. to become only relics of the past. Everything can now be done by remote control.

After all is said and done we are in the high-tech age! We call it the age of mentality! Join us and learn how to navigate our new blessings.

Just, John


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