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Is The HELA "Monster" in You?

Blessings From Above

I laugh every time I think about it. I see people rejecting the COVID19 vaccine but have ingested just about every other vaccine invented. How can we be so misinformed? Some are asking why so many people are refusing to vaccinate themselves against Covid19. Think about it! Some have drunk the cool-aid of deception. Old, damaging programs inserted in some of us have offset our equilibrium. These antiquated programs are now obsolete. This programming is the reason for all of the anger. Age-old lies have blinded many well-intended people.

Believe it or not, the HELA "monster" resides in just about 99 percent of the world population that is now living. This infamous or famous living cell, as the case may be, lives in practically all humans. But for it being in them, most would not be alive. What a monster!

How Did it Get There?

About seventy years ago, it was challenging for black people to obtain medical care. I observed this in living color. People in our neck of the woods knew nothing about medical care. Most of the time, prenatal care and preventive maintenance of health resided in our grandmothers’ old remedies stuffed in a Bible. It is a long story, but the facts are digestible.

A black lady by the name of Henrietta Lacks developed cancer. The only hospital that provided decent medical care for black people was John Hopkins in Baltimore Maryland. Medical care for blacks was not generous as it was for white people. Black people at that time in history probably received about as good of medical care as a horse or cow, maybe. Trust me. I lived during this time period. I know exactly what it was like!

Henrietta died of cancer. The doctors at John Hopkins discovered an unusual condition in the cellular makeup of Henrietta. This unique cell structure enabled scientists all over the planet to create vaccines and many other valuable products from Henrietta’s cells. Practically all vaccines, including polio, have been developed as a result of Henrietta’s blood cells. Only God knows how many people have survived death or serious body harm because of Henrietta’s blood cells.

God Knows Best!

If you are black and your booty is meaty and points toward the Earth, you already know that Henrietta did not receive one thin dime for saving the entire planet, nor has her offspring, I may add. This treatment is quite typical for black people. I could provide evidence of at least 15 critical gadgets and gizmos that we now use invented by black people, and few people know of these inventions, including the most recent. Some will blow your mind, for example, refrigerators, air conditioning, the light bulb, and many other designs too complicated for the human brain to digest.

The Forbidden Fruit

Truth is the forbidden fruit! Let us keep it accurate! It is hilarious! Some black people are afraid to take the Covid19 vaccine because they have lost trust in our medical system. Why not? When raving maniacs have mistreated you by injecting you with syphilis, performed prefrontal lobotomies upon you, and used other lab rat experiments on your body, one would or should, be suspicious of anything these mad scientists offer. It has not been enjoyable for us! I feel you!

There is another angle to this also. If black people look around, they will see that many of our health providers and scientists are people of color. The new ignorant trend of rejecting science makes this quite obvious, but who's looking? "Colored" people have been right in the mix of most medical breakthroughs in some way or another. This information alone should alleviate some of the fears that would cause a person of color to resist taking the vaccine.

Please do not misread me. I am not advocating either way concerning vaccinations. To each his own! What one believes on most occasions strengthens him! It is obviously good to walk by faith! I am simply providing food for thought. Misleading my people would not sit well with me. Deception is the reason that I suggest that all of us vet any information that we receive. Please, Please, Please do not rely on one news source.

Ignorance is Bliss

Some say that what we don’t know will not hurt us. I can concur with this statement to a certain degree. However, it may smell and look ok, but the truth lies in the “eating” of the pudding. If it feels good, do it! For almost 70 years, nearly every human being on Earth has unknowingly taken vaccines created using HELA cells from the HELA monster. I must reemphasize that the origin of these never-dying HELA cells derived from a black person. SHOCKING? OOOOOH, SCARY! They did not tell us about this for many years. Some people even believed that the cells came from Caucasian people. Oops! Is this information offensive to those resisting “Critical Race Theory”? If so, I apologize.

Here is my point. If you are afraid to take the COVID19 vaccine because you do not want to ingest the negro-related cell into your body, Newsflash, there is a good chance you already have it. Read BETWEEN the lines, and you will vividly see the entire story and know exactly where I am coming from when I speak of things like converting negative energy into positive resolve. What about “Ungun” development? Astonishing!

We know something! Follow us!

Just, John


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