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Karen Videos

Power of Truth

Some believe that Karen videos have probative value. The practice of creating videos of mostly ignorant people in their most egregious behaviors has now stormed the planet Earth. In past centuries, the media has been the culprit that has depicted people with little means to resist in horrendous ways without serious scrutiny. These sordid practices have also created images of an elite class of people in a positive view exclusively without merit.

Video recordings in general, and Karen videos specifically, have not only leveled the playing field, but they have enabled TRUTH to be unveiled in its most eloquent fashions. Some may disagree but lies and deceit have been part of the foundation of our nation since its birth. Evil has been hidden in the bushes. Nonetheless, God, and Nature have provided a release valve that is important to understand in this season.

I have often wondered why my elders would say: “They stole our bodies, but they traded in their minds and spirits”! “They cannot hide from God whether they wear their sheets or not”. It has taken me almost 50 years to fully understand what these old folks were saying. Now it is clearer than a bell! Help is on the way!

Straight from the grapevines

Few people are aware of the power of truth. Most default to lies whenever convenient. Some are so comfortable with telling lies that they can now tell lies in the public square without being defamed or ridiculed. At least this is what they believe.

In past seasons, lies were hidden. People wore masks or bandanas before robbing the bank. They wore sheets on their heads when they performed their evil acts, hiding them from all scrutiny. Evil can be coveted by humans, but cannot be hidden from God, and there is a detriment to one’s performing evil. This is the very reason I am conveying this message to all that will listen today.

Sometimes I wonder how one can base an entire moral foundation upon a belief and in the spare of the moment change and worship, not only a false “idol”, but worship a person that is completely out of balance with Maat, and invariably disrespectful to God.

Cults, Religions, Control

Once one studies various cults, religions, and traditions, it is easy to discern whether one believes the religion that they are espousing, or simply uses their religions for control exclusively. Since ALL religions are developed by man, we must be very vigilant of the intention of religion being practiced.

I tend to believe in the traditions of ancient humans. Ancient people depended upon truth, and they passed these truths down to their offspring. They were extremely cautious to get the story correct as their offspring’s existence depended upon truth exclusively.

Comfort and Control

Once humans became comfortable with their environment, they also became more selfish and greedier. They altered the truth for more comfort and control. Soon humans started cults, religions, and other doctrines to entice others to see things their way. Many altered the truths of their ancestors for more comfort and control. They found reasons to defame others that did not look like them or spoke differently from them simply for more comfort and control. Soon comfort and control became more important than truth. Lies were necessary even more. Evil soon became the reaper of all good things and humans lost their way believing this crap.

All along God had a plan. There are more dimensions to life than one! We are now living in an age where obvious, negative energy can be, and will be converted to positive, thereby reversing the course of negative energy throughout the planet. The consciousness of humans is now being subtly altered to embrace the program inserted in "all humans" by God from birth, the wisdom of knowing good from evil.

Wise people globally are tapping into a world phenomenon unbeknownst to most. Do not miss this opportunity that is yours for the asking. It is most important that we yield not to be tempted by Evil. Romans 12:21 speak of these things and so does Maat, the ancient Egyptian belief.


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