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Martin and Malcolm

Martin spoke of a dream, Malcolm a nightmare, but both messages in that season were potent in the media’s air. Some believed Martin, others, the X, but only history unveiled what would happen next. The media begrudgingly favored Martin over Malcolm as Martin was charismatic and X a little brash. Martin spoke of FREEDOM, but Malcolm could speak the truth as he also spoke trash.

In the beginning, X was typically brainwashed and wore a doo, but after a stench in prison, Malcolm’s eyes opened too. He was honest and spoke words that he thought to be true, but after visiting Mecca, he found something new.

Both Martin and Malcolm said the same thing. Their messages appeared different but only by name. The powers that be would selectively use words to appear honest but were designed to befuddle and confuse. The people oppressed were wise to their game, so their rivals placed many obstacles before them to deflate defame.

They exaggerated and bragged about their wisdom and culture, but never from whence it comes, as they believed “spoil to the victors” was the way things were done. X and the King were both wise for they knew that their wisdom did not come as THEY pleased, but was extracted from The Motherland by a man named Socrates.

Martin and Malcolm used such wisdom that even most of their followers could not see, that they were talking to people that their followers foolishly wanted to be. They both understood that most of their people lived in a world of disillusion, and at that time was difficult for them to make sound conclusions.

If we once more must choose then who will it be? The King spoke of a dream for which we all could sleep at night. We thought it was over, yet we still must fight. But this time we are wiser and will judge others by actions and deeds, and it is truly worth noting that now China is now recognizing the world’s needs.

Even after 350 years of slavery, it may be difficult to understand, why we fought for, defended, and cherished this land. Few can love America as much as we do, we have borne the mark of oppression all the way through.

There were never times when our deals came through. We were always the caboose on the train and everyone knew. We lived in our heads instead of believing the lies of their golden rules. They even told a lie about 40 acres and some mules. Even the people that have lived here for eons, were marked and scored as if they were peons. So some are now deliberating what shall it be, live in a country ruled by law and order, or some idiots knee?

China is showing love to people of all colors worldwide and some are seriously taking note. Why are so many people are saying: “What difference does it make where one lives if he does not have the right to vote”?

Just, John


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