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Masked Blessings

Complementing Characters

Those who deposit naked lies into the atmosphere and commit evil acts against others are unaware that the recipients of these sordid acts possess the ability to extract the negative energy from the entire event, channel it, harness it, and convert it into a viable positive resource. Few are likely to see this transaction, but the results from that place are extraordinary.

Some say it is a contribution from God, others a natural phenomenon. We must understand that our entire world consists of energy. There are far too many examples of energy in our environment for me to begin to describe even one. For me, to do so would require the use of energy.

For eons, humans have attempted to find a counterbalance to evil. Some have attempted to learn how to offset it by various means and have done so for many years unnoticed. These are the people we read about in the sports section of our newspapers, or you may see them appear from obscurity and become well known for some miraculous accomplishment in a brief period.

There are others, however, with far less notoriety. These people possessed NOTHING but the wisdom of God to sustain them over troubled waters but were still endowed with this Earth-shattering discovery. (Praise our creator!) These humbled and humiliated people by this new wisdom discovered the Rosetta Stone to Freedom years ago, but they were too frightened of the abuse fawned by the physical realm to even pass on the word. Things have now changed. The Internet has allowed the message to come through to all interested.

Scam, Fake News? Suit yourself. One can only lose by not having this information! Regardless of one's psychological, philosophical, cultural, religious, or other position on evil, it is not wise "to leave home without it"!

I am not saying that everyone that has become famous has done so because of converting negative energy. I am saying that he who has acquired wealth and fame but uses this platform to suppress, depress, oppress, or regress others, then the negative energy produced will be of the nth power and will be available abundantly to those affected by it. Large crowds of people condoning leaders of evil also produce an abundance of negative energy to be converted.

If there is something ominous that occurs because of one’s energy being converted, we have not visited this place yet. The energy used to do so will be enormous. We are now content with continuing to acknowledge the blessing of The Creator and enjoy the pleasures of turning bad into good for a season!

Hiding in the Bushes

Unlike other discoveries, the art of converting negative energy to positive has not been an extremely popular subject, especially among those privies to use lies and deceit at will. Like other discoveries, however, this new awareness is subtly changing planet Earth. It is hiding in the bushes and can and will affect every human being on Earth in complete silence.

The rules of the road are easy for everyone. Abstinence from evil and a desire for TRUTH are prerequisites. Lies, deceit, corruption, bigotry, hate, and discrimination are only a few acts we commit to producing negative energy. Things like murder, robbery, etc., are all set forth for us by law and truly need no introduction.

Since so many people are becoming aware of their God-given ability to convert negative energy into positive, we are beginning to see many things in favor of good, although they begin with evil intent. We are seeing people come forward and tell the truth under unusual stress. They are now discovering that although negative energy can be directed toward a person, that person can now capture this negative energy and use it for enormous good. This story has been told in many treatises, religious and otherwise. In fact, a distinct reference was made to this wisdom in Romans 12:21 of the Holy Bible which many of us hold dearly. "Be not overcome with evil but overcome evil with good. The ancient Egyptian admonitions of Ma'at also address this issue thoroughly.

Just John


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