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No Mental Energy aka NME

NME is the enemy for those desirous of being free. We can say what we will or may, but we must consider that lack of reason cannot be at hand, when one programs his child this he must understand. With illicit thinking, you foolishly believe that programing your children will help you deceive your forefathers' misgivings and torturous hands, that have enslaved millions of people and stole countless of acres of land.

His story he always tend to hide, leaving his children with a false sense of pride. He attempts to impress and fool the world with his story, but he always tend to steal everyone else's glory.

Some are sad. Some are mad. Others reject it. A few say it's bad. What ever it is, one thing that we can say, is that their children will learn everything on the Internet anyway. When they do they too will see and understand exactly what it means, when they say the old slave slogan “Who spilled the beans”?

Who spilled the beans, who, who, who spilled the beans. You tell me. Who did it, who did it who, who, who.

By John E Head


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