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Does it matter?

Can anyone tell me why many vital things occur centered around people of color that significantly affect them without their input? The uneducated would answer the question in the negative, but intelligent people are now taking a second look. It appears that most times, the negotiators for underprivileged people of color seem to be negotiating with themselves. This obliterated fact is what leads many to wonder.

Some are like children, and they live in a world of fantasy. One will be required to insert an enormous amount of elasticity in their patience to convey simplistic reality. Why has this occurred? Some belief it to be a curse, others plain ignorance. Suspect people think it to be an intentional act designed to cover past misdeeds, the most accepted view.

The answer to the initial question is no. It does not matter at this juncture. In past seasons the answer would be to the contrary. There has been considerable enlightening knowledge acquired in the past four years exclusively. This new information has enabled many to unveil things about themselves that have created a new way to process items that once offended them.

Infinite Journey

The long process from shackles to “I am a man.” Later, Black Lives Matter was part of irreversible conditioning, regardless of how difficult it may be. Where do we go from here? We need to go no further. This season is where nature takes its course.

Think about it. Approximately 400 years ago, a group of people captured and enslaved another group of people. The enslaved people looked in physical appearance a little different from the captors. Still, the captors or slave masters used slaves in any manner they wished. This time was the period when the slave masters started the intermingling of the races.

The slaves were transported by sea vessels thousands of miles to a new land. The new land was presently occupied by yet, another group of people. Wars occurred. The prior owners of the land were stripped of their land and placed on reservations. Forced racial intermingling continued for many centuries. Many people in the Southern parts of the United States are unaware of the races due to racial intermingling during and after slavery up until today.

The Mixing Bowl

It happened, but few knew about it. Others lied or did not care. How does one choose a slave? I guess the process would be similar to choosing a horse or other pedigree animal. Strength is preferable, but intelligence, health, and good looks are most attractive. As harsh and cruel as slave masters were, they were the most intelligent and wealthiest people in the South and, unbeknownst to most, also the North.

There was a mixture of high pedigree slaves mixed with rich white people. To their chagrin, white people set the standards of race in the Constitution of the United States. The amendments are evident; you are black if there is a spot or speck of your blood from a black person. If these assertions are correct, then black people are born at an enormous rate in the USA. Think about it.

The Sixty-Four Thousand Dollar Question

I have heard people talking about a revolution. I ask the question, who are revolting, and about what? Let us start with the who. Black and white people have been racially mixing for more than 450 years, and many do not know their ethnicity. Many blacks in all parts of the United States are passing for white people. Without a DNA test, who knows? If we factor in all of the races in the mixing pot, America is lost in determining who is who. Perhaps someday, someone will find the wisdom to declare that we are all Americans and to hell with race. That’s wishful thinking, of course. That dispenses the notion of a race war. Thank God!

Some seem to be so mad about something. Ask these same people, and most cannot express even one current issue intelligently. So it cannot be politics Republicans vs Democrats. That's totally ridiculous! Some of us, thank God, have moved beyond reliance upon the physical realm. The past four years have unveiled that some of us possess unmitigated mental abilities. We have moved beyond the physical! Sounds suspicious? Check it out for yourself. It's Free! Sign up for our newsletters, video, and audiotapes.

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