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Who are they?

Many arrived as the result of a simple belly-warming, some by way of rape and violence. Many emerged from a fantasy love affair, but all were illegal, illegitimate, and labeled. The labeling process created a massive challenge. If we want to know who they are, we first must know ourselves.

One would look quite silly if they discovered that they were not what they had believed, and acted totally to the contrary. Let us take a look back into history. History has shown that many slave masters treated their slaves as chattel property. Slave masters frequently had sex with male and female slaves with little resistance or impunity, obviously.

From where did they come?

For hundreds of years, racially mixed children were born. Most were half black and half white. In the southern part of the United States, there were more slaves in the populace than any other humans in many states. Most of the children created from this strange entanglement appeared to be black. However, there was a fantastic amount of them had the appearance of being Caucasian or white.

White negros caused the slavery thing to become tricky. When white negro twins and triplicates started forming, the old slavemaster forgot how many black women had sired children. Black children born white, were hidden and systematically inserted into the white populace for survival, and other reasons not so obvious. Soon blacks were living with whites in fear and secrecy, but never forgot their black heritage.

What happens next?

Many white people in the southern parts of America are black, by the Constitutions’ definition of black, but they don’t even know it. These are the incognito passers. The ignorance of these facts leads me to wonder how many black and white people are blood relatives. I also wonder what would happen if they were so brave as to take a DNA test. If everyone was required to take a DNA test I do not doubt that our world here in America would change abruptly! However, if things continue to progress as normal, who knows what we may be required to do to reveal our identities. This all depends upon who is in the White House. Are you genuine or just passing? I'm just saying...

What will we do?

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Just, John


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