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Gifts From Our Ancestors

Raw Lies

There is a noticeable difference between people whose lives have been portrayed by lies for centuries as opposed to those who have not tasted of this bitter fruit. People must experience the consequences of lies before genuinely understanding their potency.

The chickens come home to roost once one is prohibited from reading, shackled to the wooden floor of a slave ship, restricted from all mobility, slashed with the cat of the nine tail for utter amusement, hanged by the neck until lifeless, or watched their children used as toys, and footstools for the comfort of no reason, only to name a few. These people can never be deceived. Neither can their offspring, as resisting lies has become part of their DNA.

Many have a sixth sense to ferret out lies from the truth. This is an enormous blessing, among others, passed on by their ancestors through their genes. They have learned the art of being deceived. They have learned to give people what they want! Their doing so always lessens some of the pain that could be anticipated for the balance of their lives. They learned to entertain the master, bloat his ego, and call him a captain, knowing he was only a private. They learn to do the jig and pretend to be happy in their time of most despair. More importantly, they discovered that there is energy in evil thoughts and acts, and they have learned to harness and direct this energy for good.

The Damned

Sometimes the importance of TRUTH raises its beautiful head when one is sitting in a cold jail cell, awaiting arraignment for the prosecution of crimes unimaginable. Reality becomes more apparent when one finds that their reason for incarceration is because they responded to the desires of a person or people that have lied to them for fame, profit, or power and have been lying to them all along.

Welcome to the club. Their ancestors and many people of color have tasted this bitter fruit their entire lives. They have lived in fear of some evil liar with the power of position exclusively ruining their lives and the lives of their families by “little white lies” that they impose upon others, sometimes for amusement exclusively.

Imagine how many people can be affected by lies as those allegedly expressed on FOX News. The rippling effect is incredible and will only be foddered to unveil more TRUTH. Many with wisdom from past experiences watch in amazement as others digest blatant lies that those programmed in knowledge will never contemplate.

The Blessing

Some are blessed but are unaware of their blessings! Some attempt to use their gifts for revenge only to their chagrin. There are many blessings hidden inside us that are mysterious indeed as a result of isometric energy derived from the long-suffering of our ancestors passed down through our genes.

Henrietta Lacks possessed blood cells unbeknownst to medical science. Pyramids were built eons before our existence, and some of us have been enabled portals to this past through our genes. Wisdom from these far-off places and times is a blessing of enormous value. I have previously explained this in many of my blogs, but the same as Henrietta Lacks’ genes will remain obscure until the utility value is necessary.

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Just, John


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