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In my last blog, I mentioned that our program requires one to use telepathy. We must become accustomed to replacing physical energy with mental energy. An understanding of life is needed to complete this task. We must realize that in its minute form, all things consist of the same substance.

If you have been active doing physical exercises in the past, you will take to our acrobatics program as a fish takes to water. Others will need a little coaching. Nonetheless, our program is quite user-friendly. We will endeavor to make your journey as pleasurable as possible.

I will not be specific as to what exercise that we will be recommending. Individuals have their preferences. We will steer you to places that will afford you the necessary guidance. In this blog, we have provided a YouTube video to whet your appetite concerning available exercise programs. There are many others. You choose. We believe, however, that simple exercises, i.e., pushups, sit-ups, leg-spreaders, and the like, will be perfect. Remember when all is said and done, we will only be completing these exercises in our minds. I will explain the reason for this later.



The physical substance in general, as distinct from mind and spirit; (in physics) that which occupies space and possesses rest mass, significantly as different from energy.




atoms (plural noun)

The basic unit of a chemical element.

We have discovered that all things consist of atoms, inclusive of matter. We have learned to control the direction of energy through mental mimicking of physical life. Life consists of the constant movement of energy. Telepathy is the insertion of mental energy into the physical realm. We accomplish this by our using our telepathic ability to channel words and actions performed by others. We can determine the intensity of the energy extracted by the position of influence a person holds in society, and the egregiousness of the act or statement performed.

In recent years we have escalated our program. We have discovered an unusual amount of negative energy that has presented itself in the past four years. This was alarming, but we later determined that it was the best thing that could have ever happened. Negative energy cannot develop in a vacuum. Humans did it. We are not smart enough to determine what happens to the donors of negative energy. We have discovered that channeling and preserving this energy in a safe place, harnessing, is compelling. Now we are capable of converting this energy into positive “wherewithal.” Like my brother-n-law frequently said: "Its good for what ails you".


An axiom that should always be remembered is that we cannot fight evil with evil. Information that we will be providing cannot be used for revenge. It is a tool to make the world a better place. Not a weapon to escalate evil!

For centuries select members of our society decided that “airing dirty laundry” was self-destructive! In past years, however, there has been a trend to dispense with ideas of the elders. A group of bold, unscrupulous old men have decided that doubling-down on centuries of pain and anguish perpetrated upon innocent people, was the right thing to do. Many other misinformed people joined them.


We have found it! Prominent people are using it vociferously! Some say, “when they go low, we go high.” Still, many are missing the point. Someone has made a discovery that can change the course of world history. Not me, but I am going to ride the boat on in.

Please read this blog twice! Once you get my drift, the remaining journey will be delightful. Once you re-read this blog, focus on (mentally) completing the exercises for which you are familiar. You may wish to revisit doing these exercises physically. Doing so will enhance your brain to memorize these exercises more precisely. I promise you that you will not be required to perform endless physical activities to complete this program. Relearning past exercises is only temporary. Once you can telepathically learn these exercises, I will show you how to bend the mental into the physical. Bare with me, and I will take you to a place of confidence.

Until we meet again in my next blog, stay tuned. Do not concern yourself about compensation when sharing this most valuable information. That's gratis! Once you see its affect, you will keep on giving just like me. It’s my mission, and it will soon be yours.


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