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The Enigma of a Nation's Programming!

A band of rebels emerged amid towering restrictions, defying the shackles of conformity. Their creed? None other than Maat - a belief not merely in restriction but in the absolute rejection of even entertaining forbidden thoughts. Their ancestors, attuned to the mysteries of the Afterlife, paved the way for a paradigm where earthly existence paled compared to divine obedience.

Enter the African slaves, bearers of a unique mental fortitude. While European captors ensnared their bodies, their minds soared free under the banner of Maat. For them, servitude was but a vessel for divine servitude. Honed by unwavering allegiance, their spirits cultivated a realm of boundless imagination and communion with the divine.

But amidst the liberation struggle, a sinister artifact emerged: the Negro Slave Bible. Crafted with diabolical precision, it not only robbed slaves of physical freedom but sought to damn their souls as well. Its insidious words, a labyrinth of deception, threatened to trap even the most devout.

Yet amidst the darkness, a glimmer of hope emerged. While some imbibed the poison of falsehood, others stood firm, safeguarding the truth for future generations. As the echoes of deception reverberate through time, the wise heed the lessons of their ancestors, avoiding the treacherous path paved by falsehoods.

In the annals of history, the indomitable spirit of truth shall prevail amidst the tumult of nations and the clash of ideologies.

Ever vigilant,

Just John


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