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The Glitch Free Program

We have already discussed various current mental programming techniques. There is one program that is unique to all humans, however. Humans are programmed to know good from evil at birth. We call this divine programming from God. No other programming can contaminate this programming.

Still, in our infinite wisdom, some of us believe that it is possible to alter the will of God. Some of us attempt to program our children while they are in the womb! This type of programming is not unusual. Proud parents always prepare their children for the best. However, some deviously confused parents attempt to program their children to mimic them or even their grandparents in foreign and destructive ways.

Blind Leading the Blind

Our ancestors would undoubtedly be remiss if they failed to recognize that an antidote was necessary to reprogram the confused. Reprograming was an absolute necessity. They meticulously studied the nature of the beast that enslaved them. Slaves realized that programming contrary to that of God create many problems. Someone said: "Oh, what a tangled web we weave once we practice to deceive."

Many moons ago, when mind programming was in its infant stage, God provided a means for slaves to understand this concept entirely. They realized that they were subjects of observation. Little was it known that they too were making observations most critical than most. Their eyesight focused upon justice and freedom right up until this day. Therefore, they employed programs of their own. These programs go unnoticed but are very effective in the past, now, and in the future.

Programmed to Deceive

When humans program humans, they possess flawed programs that are easily compromised. Some programs embedded in humans consist of lies and deception. Lies and deception are agents of evil and directly conflict with humanity. Humans innately process lies and deception correctly regardless of the inserted human program. This type of programming is faulty, and it interferes with logic and reasoning. There is a surprise ending to most programs inserted by humans. The end game is uplifting. To date, mass tests are inconclusive but encouraging. However, there have been many mini tests that point to accuracy.


In the year 1985, I made a remarkable discovery. It was March 1967 since I had heard a sound that triggered a memory that shocked me into reality. I listened to the sound of a router attempting to connect to a service provider. I had heard this sound constantly from a completely different environment. I realized that I had been using the Internet in my military occupation for many years before 1985. This little sound led me on a journey that most have not traveled.

In the year, 1987 I attempted to roll out a Website called Unprogrammed. It is now surprisingly within the archives of the Internet. This particular Website offered a, once again, free program to enlighten the public of what is happening with mental programming. (Check it out; the Website URL is This site was one of my Internet failures, maybe! I only mentioned this site to convince you that I am no spring chicken to mind programming. I know what's up, believe it or not. I also know what to expect very soon.

Too Many Humans

Everywhere we go, there they are. Humans, I mean. Common sense will tell even a fool that humanity exists. If so, how can we suggest that "the Programmed" will set the course of our actions? Some may suggest that if we program our children from birth, we can create geniuses. This assertion is possibly true. Rules are required, however.

All humans innately know good from evil! Why would anyone believe that they can dismiss the humanity in us all? We laugh as we watch them make fools of themselves as they attempt to corrupt and deceive all humankind. They cannot hide from themselves because everywhere they go, there they are.

Just, John


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