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The Good Shepherd

(People of Kemet/Egypt release their prisoners of war)

Give Thanks to Mr. Trump

The entire planet Earth must thank Mr. Trump and the trumpeters for providing validated evidence of what some may have misinterpreted over about 400 years! The Evangelicals were correct, but so were the scriptures. Mr. Trump was a blessing from God! Information unveiled by Mr. Trump provided and still provides the means for enormous energy conversion. This information is what has been missing to end an age of oppression for many people.

Recent actions by Mr. Trump and Trump wannabees have provided accurate information about the mindset of people that has been somewhat sanitized and coveted up until Trump. Intelligent people such as Senator Mitch McConnell have expressed opinions contrary to unveiling truth about historical events. The "cat's is already out the bag"! We cannot hide from ourselves because regardless of where we go, there we are! Some of us will become very uncomfortable from acts of our ancestors, but their acts only have something to do with us if we allow it to do so.

Respect and Appreciation

Contrary to popular belief, there is great power in humiliation! The humiliated at some point in time recognizes this power. When an entire group of people is disrespected and shamed for eons, strange things occur far beyond recognition of the tutored and untutored eye. Albeit some have attempted to unravel the truth of these matters, it is somewhat challenging to do so when one's mind is programmed to view things favorable to them or their kind exclusively.

Was it coincident that Henrietta Lacks' acceptance into John Hopkins Hospital in 1951 unveiled medical information unbeknownst to none? For centuries black people were denied ANY formal medical care period. Now the planet Earth is basking in a miracle that exists, HELA cells, due to John Hopkins Medical center's relenting and allowing black people admission into their facility. Most people would be astonished if they only knew just a few of the miracles that have been performed by black people exclusively even while bound in shackles!

Isn't God Good? What other secrets live in the bloodstreams of black people? This discovery is only physical! If one is not aware, they should understand that there is more dimension in which all humanity resides. Perhaps it would not be exceptionally comforting for some to look into the power that exists in people's minds with ancestors that endured the mark of oppression for so many centuries.

Love and Happiness

One need not be a brain surgeon to understand that love and happiness have conquered hate and anger under all sets of circumstances. Still, some refuse to relent to this hypothesis, or reality, as the case may be. They hide, twist, and cleanse lies to make them truthful. If they can get an amen from two or three people, they will defy God! Their programming has a glitch and needs serious debugging. If not debugged immediately, a crash is imminent. This crash will destroy their entire database and affect the databases of those that they love and others remotely connected to them. The only programming left within them will be the "dos" that God has given to all "human beings" from birth, the knowledge of good from evil!

Good Days Are Ahead

Some may not be comfortable with the alteration of things in the inception. Later they will take to it as a fish takes to water. They, too, will feel that warm fuzzy feeling when they do something "good" for someone other than themselves, or others appearing as they appear. Their minds will consent to convert negative energy into positive money, and they will enjoy it. It will not take long. God is already revealing things to us every day that will accelerate our wisdom of God's love.

Just John


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