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The Irrefutable Truth

With one exception, last night, June 26, 2024, I was blessed with seventy-nine years of peaceful sleep. Last night was tumultuous. Not verbally, but mentally, I asked God why. There was no booming sound from the sky or shaking of my bed, but I mused that God was leading me to something good. I always think positively when in doubt. I concluded that I should share something stuck in my craw for many seasons. This is why I am sharing confidential information I have accumulated since I was about ten.

After many years of observing and being victimized by known lies, I am compelled to unveil some of the tactics I have discovered to be most helpful when attempting to undress lies and deceit. I know that I have been stalwart in my position concerning TRUTH. I am a stern believer that the truth is one of our most prized treasures that God and nature provide.

One would be braindead not to recognize that our nation's entire infrastructure is based on lies. I discovered these things at a very tender age. It did not take long to understand that some people misunderstood the truth.

We were not atheists, but my mother and father spent most of their time working to earn money for our survival. We attended church sporadically. Nonetheless, we still knew about God and salvation. We learned that truth was the most important virtue for success. Therefore, I indulged in truth exclusively, leaving out many of the rituals that others performed that attached them to religion. Please do not misread me. Religion is beautiful if it is truthful.

An exceedingly long time ago, I observed how some people could intentionally force lies upon others for personal gain and other reasons I have yet to understand. Some are unaware of how lies and deceit, when undressed, will diminish their capacities. Considering how I was taught to process truth, I became a sponge for recognizing lies and advancing my capacity from that place. This inquisitiveness afforded me many privileges that I wonder if everyone else possesses.

I have heard that politicians in America tell lies by instinct. In past seasons, I did not believe these things to be accurate, considering the enormous amount of information available and the energy expended to describe the sanctity of our nation and its founders. For a considerable time, I wanted to embrace that our country was invincible. We were always the good people, and all other nations were inferior to ours as we stood for truth, honesty, justice, and freedom. The freedom part of it all was suspect, but I believed and wanted to believe that these things were upcoming.

I have been watching politics more in the past years. I did not realize until recently that the wisdom I accumulated over seventy-nine years was now relevant. I thank God that I have thoroughly seen and understood TRUTH's relentless power. This wisdom did not come in a blink. For many years, I have studied different beliefs from multiple perspectives. I have dibble-dabbled into the religions and beliefs of many other cultures. In my pursuit of understanding what pleases God, I discovered some essential things about who I am and the extent of my capabilities. I was pleasantly surprised! After extensive investigation, I learned that many lies that have been told to Earth was done because of me. This alone excited me as I now realize I possess power and influence not recognized by most. This stealth power and influence are most desirable as the untutored eye does not detect it.

For many years, America has been attempting to hide its most precious resource and from whence these resources have come. The reasons for the peculiar behavior of those influencing the narrative in our nation are now being exposed by the actions of elected officials, judges, and others who believe that lies will advance them. They are burning the books as their lies are being undressed in the public square, the most vulnerable place to be exposed. This exclusively provides the masses with the irrefutable truth.

I will not go into detail about all I know about these things as I realize that I will incur extreme pushback. Now, the pushback is irrelevant. The train has already left the station in this regard. A little birdie told me that tonight, June 27, 2024, we will observe the apex of a worldly change in thinking. If all goes well, Planet Earth will observe the power of truth in its most illustrious fashion tonight at 9:00 p.m. Praise God!



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