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The Lost

Look into their eyes. You may know them but you cannot even recognize them. Their stare is hollow. They can only respond to a dog whistle. Logics are out of the question, and common sense falls on deaf ears. They believe what they believe regardless of how ridiculous. For a while people most thought that they had mental problems. Now it is apparent that a few have agendas . The remainder received unconscious programming from birth. They are the lost ones. How do I know these things? I have, too, been a victim of a program, and so have most people. Mind Programming is very effective. It can create a saint or a monster.

Who Benefits?

The beneficiary of mental programming is always someone else. Rarely are those programmed compensated. The programmed are usually the ones that are ridiculed and mistrusted. They go to jail for the boss or give up their lives for the programmer. Those creating these programs can remotely control thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people. Since the programs designed are done so through mental suggestions, there are always glitches that are undeterminable.

Mental V Spiritual

There are some things that humans can not shed quickly. This is the spirit that differentiates between a human and an animal. Although some human beings emulate animals, there is still a spirit hidden amongst the unfounded confusion and anger in these people. We recognize good from evil when we are children.

Programs created by man can easily fool the mind, even more so over many years. The brain is malleable, however. It is capable of making choices within certain narratives when adequately programmed. The problem is all brains are not alike. We can depend upon and never worry about the fact that the spirit in human beings defines them.

Breaking the Code

Smart programmers will always insert tidbits of truth in their programs to override humanity instilled at birth. Their next task is to confirm their assertion by a reliable source. This reliable resource is more profound if it comes from an elected official, judge, doctor, lawyer, or Indian Chief. Once it hits the Internet, cable network, and other reliable information organs, the assertions will be readily accepted by the unwise.

The humanity thing lies beneath all. Sometimes it goes unnoticed in the well-programmed. If completely programmed, one can isolate themselves from reality, as their existence resides within the program with little or no regard for truth, goodness, or evil. They dwell in a world of their own. Fortunately, we live in a universe guided by God and truth. Without truth, how would we know that the sun will rise the next day to give us light? How can rely on a plant grow after planting the seed? God defines most things. Man can only mimic the items that God has already created. Man can't make a program that overrides humanity regardless of how hard he tries.

Untie the Knot

Programming comes in all shapes and forms. Those more closely connected to humanity are perfect. Those programs that are not are imperfect and most likely to fail thereby harming all involved.

Our universe demands truth! We are only minute participants in a vast universe. Regardless of what we do, all of us must adhere to truth and despise evil. It's already in our genes. Just like a magnet, our attraction is toward truth. Some believe that they can fool the world with lies, corruption, and deceit. All of these things are only fuel for redemption.

There have been many prophets. Some have spoken of things NOT SEEN. Some things that we do not see do exist. It would take a person completely devoid of knowledge to believe to the contrary. Some of us emphasize good more so than evil. Some Americans have experienced America from a different place than others. We have seen evil in its most vile forms. Some of us have been the enemy constantly tracked to be killed, mutilated subdued, and distrusted under all circumstances. Programming received as a result of this abuse is somewhat different from programming created by false precepts exclusively.

The Necessary Ingredients

People programmed by TRUTH are those that contain the necessary ingredients to move the scale. If truth is positive and lies are negative, then this gives an edge to those that embrace truth. We have discovered something remarkable about the power of truth. Truth negates evil. However, there is no war between truth and evil. Contrarily there is a war between good and evil. For one to embrace a fight against goodness is a war against all humanity. America is now in this awkward position. One can join any battle they will or may but must be mindful of God and humanity.

Some of us bear the mark of oppression, and we know the difference. We have watched the misinformed squirm and twist themselves into pretzels to appear to be truthful. These acts of separation are self-revealing, and we are watching the ball. Thank God!

Join us and see the difference!

Just, John


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