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The Nightmare of Christmas

The world witnessed screams, a display so displeased, Truth holders unfazed by this strange, troubled feast. Seeking guidance amid sordid knowns and cues, Their concealed pasts, corruption, and ensnaring ruse.

Though the world knew, they hid behind a guise, Obscuring histories, deceit beneath their lies. The wise, unwavering, embraced truth's purest form, Their education rooted, impervious to the norm.

The school of life, where knocks shape our being, Wisdom sprouts when adversities leave us reeling. Yet, when ceaseless knocks shadow the road ahead, Countless seasons pass, burdens weighing like lead.

Witnessing offspring, time slipping through our grasp, Watching them enslaved, enduring a dire, tragic clasp. Amidst "festive" joy, as trees adorned in glee, Gifts given away, a darker truth to see.

I learned, painfully, of this peculiar day, Where wrapped in splendor, my children were led astray. Their festivities and worship, a veil to behold, No savior they revered could save me, truth foretold.

Yet, amidst God's gaze, time relentlessly moved, Years of anguish wove love, our spirits behooved. A revelation unfolded, allowing many to perceive, Evil transformed to good, the path to freedom to achieve.

Crystal clear, in agreement with divine decree, Our freedom's anchor resides within our progeny. Some cried "Ridiculous!", blind to what could be seen, Unaware, in their ignorance, dwelling in a false sheen.

God and Nature, architects of cosmic laws, Humans, assuming knowledge, often falter in flaws. Bibles guide conduct, preach honor and grace, Yet, selfishness reigns, disregarding others' place.

Their actions, their fate, fall on deafened ears, Years have passed, truths ignored, despite the tears. Forgiveness bestowed upon trespassers, free, To reveal a world where justice and love can decree.

Culture mentioned often, its roots they claim to own, Yet where are the proofs, the relics they've shown? Dig deeper, unearth history's unveiled spree, The culture they wield, it's ours, yours, and mine to see.

Just, John


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