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Rights to Vote

Some are hoping and praying that the Senate passes legislation to insure voting rights for all people. This issue no longer concerns some of us as it has in past seasons. Why? We have learned a few new tricks that have not been fully examined by most. "When they go low, we go high!" Transparency is all that we now require. The tides have changed, and lies are in such abundance until they have become an abomination to God, and exposure thereof is the key to freedom for many onlookers! I am happy to see that Chuck Schumer gets it. Others are way off the mark. They still foolishly believe to their chagrin, however, that their non-actions can protect them. They, too, will soon learn the importance of absolute TRUTH as others have learned in past seasons.

Yes! Let us have a Senatorial vote on voting rights, win or lose! Why? Because once we know their votes, we will also know their hearts. Thusly, "We will know them by their fruits." Their choices can now paint their spirits into iniquity (see Acts 8:23), greed (see Acts 8:18–23), lust (Job 31:1–12), and stubbornness (I Samuel 15:23). Senators' exposures to lying, cheating, and other vile acts of corruption against humanity are now available for all to see and discreetly channel.

Now the planet is left with few choices. We are now obligated to use our heavenly missions to turn the tides of evil and advance humankind into a more harmonious future! There is a prerequisite that we allow God and Nature be the arbiters of our actions and decisions. Then for sure, there will be no ambiguity in the choices that we make to subdue this nasty sore on the crust of the Earth!

People with advanced wisdom will rejoice when they realize the names of the Senators that conjured the unmitigated gall to deprive the voting rights of not only people of color, but to take away the rights from anyone that dare to disagree with them. Knowledge of this information exclusively is creating a NEGATIVE ENERGY spike unbeknownst to humankind! Some are so misinformed until they cherish a filibuster that is the nod, nod, wink, wink that enemies of freedom, and plants pretending to be allies, have used to suppress the rights of people of color for eons. Now they are letting it all hang out! Some are so confused until they are mimicking the the spirits of their vile ancestors to believe that cruelty is the panacea to cure all evil. God and Nature have now provided humankind with mechanisms to detect, record, harness and convert this negative energy into enormous positive RESULTS with little effort.

Just, John


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