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The Sacrificial Lamb?


Some have now decided simply NOT to accept ANY TRUTH! Call them what you will or may; some still believe that they can hide the indiscretions of their history by closing their noses, eyes, ears, taste, and touch to all reality. Most rational people would believe that doing so only exasperates the curse and forces honest people into isolated places globally.

People understand that one cannot change his or her past! No one holds it against anyone for something they can not, or could not control. Just like a bell, you cannot un-ring it, but you can make its tone less irritating the next time the gong goes off, if reasonable efforts are exerted.

Our Ex President Mr. Trump stated: "It is what it is"! He was correct. Unfortunately, one cannot make the tone softer if he or she cannot admit that a bell has rung! The entire planet has heard the irritating sound of this bell of lies and deceit! This cannot be undone and will NEVER change! One however can unleash herself, or himself from evil and inherit the blessings of God! Our free program steers you to these blessings.

Watch them squirm

For some, it is simply entertainment. Every day they grab their bags of popcorn and favorite drinks to watch the clown show. It is incredible to see a movie for which you already know the ending. How can we anticipate the end? Some of us have inherited programming or a six-sense, as some call it, within our genetic makeup. The conscious actions of our ancestors may or may not have influenced this programming, but Nature has a way to right all wrongs. This is only one example! Nature and God has many tricks in the bag for which humans have little or no knowledge. We do not know whether our timing is correct as to when the end will come, but we know the ending is very near.

The slave masters could care less about, or did not understand the passages that they consciously force fed to slaves for control. Ironically these passages increased the slaves hopes of freedom. Bible verses such as Genesis 15: 13-14 states: Then the Lord said to him, "Know for certain that for four hundred years your descendants will be strangers in a country not their own and that they will be enslaved and mistreated there..... You can read the rest of this verse in your King James Version of the Bible. You will be surprised!

One would be remiss to miss the urgency placed upon subduing the will of the people now at play. Authoritarians used similar tactics for eons. Knowledge and people-power are the weapons of free people. Our ancestors before slavery in Kemet, and after slavery understood the fruits of this wisdom. They understood that wisdom was the key to freedom, but TIME was on their sides. The Africans believed that the best way to eat an elephant is "one bite at a time"!

African slaves would be braindead to believe that NOT learning to read would hasten their freedom, when the threats of death prohibited reading. Their masters were misinformed of these things even until today because they have lied to themselves about very great people, and attempted to convince the remainder of the planet . Slave masters did not believe that slaves were aware of anything. They convinced themselves that black people were animals obviously with no mind or spirit. Some erroneously believe this until today. If they only knew the fuel that they were providing for positive conversion, they would quickly reverse their positions.

Attempts to destroy a great nation of people failed! The Great pyramids, Sphinx, artifacts, hieroglyphics, and statutes all over the planet do not lie. Why wouldn't some be surprised to know that slaves designed mental, physical, and spiritual devices to trip the freedom cord. Cruelty and lies are the catalyst that has inspired many to surreptitiously invent technology to unleash the body, mind and spirit from slavery permanently. The stealth Ungun program is gaining momentum and will possibly the greatest cash-cow ever! I'm just saying! Some of this technology is so advanced until world governments are unable to understand the premise from whence it comes. Still, some are so anchored to the curse that they are squirming to un-ring a bell. Some are foolish enough to continue to deny that a bell has ever rung. "Oh what a tangled web we weave once we practice to deceive"!


Breakaway from the anchor of lies and deceit! Once one cleanses his or her spirit, the flesh will quickly obey. Many are depressed. We use all types of pills, potions, lotions and other devices to relieve us from stress and pain, whether mental or physical. Some think there is no way out and have tried just about every trick in the book. Some mistakenly believe that their ancestry or even race bars them from relief. These assertions are not realistic. We can now clearly see why so many people bury their heads in the sand because of past embarrassments or self imposed curses. The programming works both ways. When one creates a program that disrespectful of human life, this person also disrespects God and Nature.

It became easier for slaves to understand the mentality of the slavemaster as time progressed. Once the slaves understood that their ancestors were the authors of the the religion being imposed upon them, slaves took to Christianity as a fish takes to water. The story was already in their heads through their genes. They later learned that their ancestors had inscribed a similar story of a child born to a virgin in hieroglyphics on the walls of the tombs of the Great Pyramid in Kemet, now called Egypt. What a coincidence! Slaves already had the story of Assad and Asset in their heads. The Eye of Heru watched over them then and still does until today.

Was it true? Was their religion being altered and used as a weapon against them? Is this the reason why slaves and their offspring readily attached to Christianity until today? This unbelief alerted the slaves why their masters could completely ignore the laws that they were prescribing. They realized that their masters never believed in the religious doctrines that they were espousing. That is very unfortunate! As Genius 15: 13-14 explains the end story.

ALL OF US must learn to channel, harness, and convert evil into success. Our yoke is easy! Please continue to read our blogs. We will provide information that will enlighten our spirits and guide us toward a more perfect planet. God and Nature has taken 400 years to create a vaccine through the pain and duress of the African slave as foretold in the scriptures. It will inevitably provide the planet the necessary herd immunity to kill the virus of evil!

Black people were anointed as the sacrificial lamb for humanity! It appears that either our or our children's generations will be able to see the non stoppable coming of the glory of God! Indulge and enjoy this blessing.

God has now provided good things for us all!

Just, John

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