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The Story, story


Fornas, the father of Oslo was concerned. Her countenance was most revealing. Oslo had observed an ominous vision. She sensed that vessels were approaching their planet, and it was very disturbing. Oslo was blessed with extrasensory capabilities that exceeded most others, although most people of Pligia possessed extraordinary mental and spiritual abilities. Nonetheless, she was a reliable source for predicting future events.

Although many Pliglions that live on the planet of Pligia were accustomed to being attacked by foreign visitors, few of the elders were concerned as was Oslo. Oslo was very young, and her father Fornas realized that it was time for Oslo to be taught the ways of the people that inhibited the planet.

Although the people of Pligia had endured invasions throughout its existence, the young people were always more radical in their opinions about protecting the planet from intruders and defending the planet. The elders were always amused by the radical beliefs of their offspring.  Nonetheless, it was the elders that always calmed the storms in the minds of their offspring in due time.

Fornas queried Oslo about her obvious concerns. “Why are you so stressed this morning my daughter”?  Oslo replied. “I have envisioned that many warships were approaching Pligia and few people are concerned”, Oslo exclaimed. “Father you, and our entire community have always relied upon my extraordinary extrasensory perceptions to guide us when we are challenged”. “I have spoken with master Boobooboo, and he only laughed when I shared my visions with him”. “Father, I respect and honor master Boobooboo’s position in all ways, but I am bewildered knowing what I know, and the master’s attention to this matter is very lackluster”.

“My very beautiful and intelligent daughter, you must understand a few things at this moment that will guide you for all eternity”.  “The people of Pligia are multidimensional”.  “I realize that we have lived for many seasons in physical peace, but Oslo you too must understand that Pligia is a planet of construction, not destruction”.  “God has blessed us with a divine purpose for which we can never dismiss”. “We have been anointed with a blessing that people of other worlds do not easily comprehend”. “Oslo, you must understand that many will attempt to change us to be as they are, but God has blessed us by providing us with the ability to please God regardless of the challenges before us”. “This ability exclusively enables our people to adapt to each new season and provide good fruits regardless of the climate”.

“But papa, Oslo exclaimed firmly, our entire planet is about to be destroyed, and all of our elders are expressing little concern”! Fornas also laughed. “You have seen these horrible things in your mind, and you believe that we should immediately form an army to attack your perceived enemies”. “Oslo, it is not the strength of the army that wins the war”.  “It is the process that we take to end all wars is what the people of Pligi calls winning”. “Oslo, when I was a young man, I also believed that we should fight fire with fire. “Until schooled properly, I could never understand why we did not conquer our enemies effortlessly, taking into consideration that we are imbued with wisdom that far exceeds our adversaries”.  “This is the point Oslo, wisdom”.  “Would you consider it wise to build a great army and defeat our enemies in one season, and yet when another season appears, we are still at war with the cosmos”. Or do you believe it is wiser to use our enormous gifts from God an convince our enemy to believe as we do, and end all wars forever?”  “Why do you believe that people from all over the Universe attempt to visit our planet”? Many have lived on planets where the “spoils go to the victors”. “Even as infinite as the Universe may be, there are still others that believe the entire cosmos should think as they think or do as they do”. “These are the people that rely upon one dimension”.  “Because of this inability to explore other worlds, they have enslaved themselves to the sordid beliefs of their ignorant ancestors”.

 “Some believe that God is finite and can only occupy one place at one time”. “People of Pligia are omni-dimensional.”  “God has provided us with the wisdom to please God as we teach humans the way of God through our enormous ability to abstain from iniquity”. “Oslo, our ancient ancestors endured some of the most horrific physical conditions known to mankind”. “We have been enslaved for eons; our lands have been confiscated”.  “We have on many occasions been separated from families, whipped, hung, limbs amputated, separated from those with our native tongs, and isolated from reading any language, to name a few”.  “Even our precious little children have been at times used for alligator bate as we stood by helpless”. Oslo stated then why don’t we attack and kill them all”?  “What good are these people to God”? “Hush, hush young lady” exclaimed Fornas”! “Where in the scriptures does it allow us to kill any”? “Those that indulge in our 42 admissions to God understand that things that we DONOT do pleases God, and killing is definitely one of them”. “These are the thing that we cannot see, and they are everlasting”.






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