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The Unconvinced

Martin was a visionary, his mind filled with dreams of a better world. His voice, resonant and compelling, conveyed hope and redemption to all who would listen. Yet, alongside Martin stood Malcolm, haunted by relentless nightmares that pierced the very fabric of his being. Few could grasp the depths of Martin's visions, his elaborate dreams weaving a tapestry of possibility and promise.

As a preacher of the gospel, Martin possessed a rare gift for communication, drawing admiration and love from many. But the shadow of a nightmare, starkly depicted by the letter X, tainted his efforts. The memory of atrocities like the Tulsa Burning and the Trails of Tears, coupled with the insidious legacies of lies and oppression, cast a pall over Martin's message.

Despite his eloquence, Martin found it difficult to sway the masses, their minds clouded by the horrors of history. The promise of salvation, symbolized by a symbolic "bad check," bounced, leaving the faithful bewildered and disillusioned. Yet, some resonated deeply with Martin's words, marching beside him in solidarity and prayer.

Amidst the struggle for recognition and justice, there existed a community that rejected the label of "Negro," preferring to be known as Black people. Their accountant was not the flawed promise of societal acceptance but the timeless wisdom of Ma'at. Unlike a religion or cult, Ma'at's counsel was rooted in belief rather than coercion, guiding generations through trials and tribulations with steadfast resolve.

Ma'at's teachings transcended race, offering wisdom that surpassed generations. By aligning with her principles of pleasing the divine to find personal fulfillment, individuals found liberation from the shackles of slavery and the scars of oppression. Her guidance provided freedom in the darkest times but also yielded a remarkable return on investment from ancestors' sacrifices.

The wisdom contained within Ma'at's confessions was not exclusive to any one group but held profound truths for all humanity. By embracing her teachings, individuals could inherit a legacy of enlightenment and understanding that transcended the limitations of race or creed. It was, quite simply, sound advice for navigating the complexities of life and finding peace within oneself.

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Just, John


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