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The Vaccine for Evil

Lesson IV

It is in all of us!

Some have called it political, and a few were simply curious. Others felt intimidated. Who cares? The real issue is results! If the results are favorable, then why not? Who would not want to get a monkey off his back? When we speak of a vaccine, we are discussing a remedy to an age-old curse.

We can be amazed at our accomplishments! But have we unveiled a solution for all humanity? You are genuinely asking the wrong person. I am simply an innocent participant in an event everyone needs to understand. If the vaccine is effective, then we reach herd immunity. All that we need are participants. Sounds familiar? It is the same process. Although our procedures are not as vibrant as the Dr. Fauci program, we still believe that we have a solution to yet another virus.

I wish everyone on the planet Earth to know that they can participate in this system and be just as successful as anyone else, regardless of color, creed, race, religion, sex, gender, etc. I also realize that many of us have various issues to resolve. We are all unique. After completing our program, it will not be difficult to understand the reason for the process. I am confident that our graduates will eventually employ different strategies to share their success. All are good! Please do not hold it against me if I must divulge some seriously vile conduct for illustration purposes only. I wish not to offend anyone, but we cannot evade the truth. Tell your own story when sharing this information. Whatever you do, please do not misinterpret a lie for the truth and attempt to use this process. It will only place you into the category UNDEFINED! I would not relish being one to share this experience.

The Prop

Digesting the information that we share in this session will require some imagination. Suppose you have been following along with our program. In that case, Lesson III suggests that we attempt performing a select set of exercises to refresh our memories to adjust to the intensity necessary to perform these exercises. Now we must learn to coordinate the physical with the mental. It is a simple process.

· Imagine performing a specific exercise mentally exclusively.

· Inject a little reality if in question by performing more physical exercises for memory only.

· Create a prop (a scene in your mind).

· Visualize the prop as you continuously exercise.

· Let not the scenes in your mind upset you.

· Immerse yourself in memory exercising as you visualize the evil that horrifies you.

· Exercise daily, or whenever your body entices you to do so.

· Soon, you will discover muscular soundness as your mind channels the evil that affects your life.

· Not only will your physical appearance change, so will your mental appearance.

· Each day that you complete your exercise session, you will build an antivirus in your system.

· You relive TRUTH and understand that nature has a balance. This understanding prepares you to accept nature at the molecular level.

Think It Through

Now I want you to think about what I have just told you in this blog. Doing so will entice some of you to take the next step. Those who will do this will most likely become successful before I complete sharing all that I know. It is all good! Some of us are already programmed to take to this process like a fish takes to water. The just do not know it!

In our next session, I will wrap together the points that I have outlined previously. First, however, do not forget that we must still learn to channel, harness, and convert negative energy into positive. This step is the fun part!

Keep on Living

Just John


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