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To My Chagrin?

Once we can discern the difference between right, wrong, good, bad, and ugly, we will understand the essence of evil at that exact moment. Complete knowledge of sin does not mean one cannot entertain it; however, contemplating it is cerebral and requires immense energy!

What they don’t know will not hurt them?

The useful idiot, the educated fool, and those who know not that they know not are the same. They all go to great lengths to avoid the consequences of their actions through intense contemplation. This thought pattern requires enormous ENERGY. More energy is needed doing these things than the guy jogging in the park, doing physical labor, reading a good book, or simply kicking back and relaxing. Some exert far more energy completing a math problem than riding a bicycle. It all depends upon the programming. I am sure by now you will get the picture. Thought requires energy. Power (energy) can be converted from one form into another seamlessly.

Some may ask, how can a useful idiot expend energy if unaware of their actions? The database on a computer attempts to emulate the human brain. We are inserted with a unique program by nature and God at birth. We are innately programmed to KNOW the difference between good and evil, and this programming discerns the difference between humans and animals. Although some humans fight this heavenly programming and still act like animals, they too possess this programming that always rewards GOOD! It is now our job to reconnect those who have lost their way of being human beings. Our process is not parred for the course. It is unique and also rewarding, however.


We can only assist in reconnecting those who wish to be connected. Many desire to be connected but are afraid of ridicule and embarrassment. Others' actions are easily influenced by remote control absent their knowledge.

Generations of people live by grandaddy rules! These old antiquated rules have been proven incorrect and misleading for centuries, but some know no other way of thinking.

All is not lost, however, as many channels convert this negative energy into positive things. We believe that soon many will recognize that committing evil acts will only be to the chagrin of those committing them. Some of us are blessed with the ability to extract this vibrant energy. We can now harness it, convert it, and use its power to cure WHATEVER, WHENEVER! Join us in welcoming the lost back home.

Just, John


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