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Transformation of Energy

Various Types

We can find energy in many places and in many different forms. It is the essence of all life forms. It is of utmost importance that one understands that this power is transformative. In this blog, we will share techniques that we use to transform mental energy into physical seamlessly. Once our students are aware of the power that can be harnessed by merely making slight adjustments to their thought processes, their missions will be less strenuous.

Wise people have said that birds of a feather flock together. We are saying that energy that circulates within a particular atmosphere belongs to that atmosphere. This power is omnipresent and multi-scalable. One must be able to imagine it as if it were the air that we breathe. Still, it is so malleable until it can take on any form. It can be invisible as the air we live, or as obvious as a hurricane. Its whereabouts can be unknown and very present simultaneously.

Exercise II

Humans can now erase the blur between the mental and physical dimensions by performing a few mental acrobats. These acrobats prepare the brain for a merger that strengthens mental and physical acuity.

I asked you to recollect old exercises that you have performed in past years. If you did not complete any in past years, select some simple exercises from YouTube or other sources. We will be adding helpful videos within our video lounge. You may visit this lounge by clicking upon the "Media" link on our main site. Attempt to complete these exercises mentally if you are unable to perform them physically. However, a few physical attempts of performing this exercise will enhance your ability to experience the stress thereof.

First, get very comfortable, whether in bed, on the floor, or sitting in a chair. I want you to imagine performing at least one selected exercise mentally. For each activity that you choose, I would like for you to complete 20 rotations. Later we will add more. Complete these exercises at least once daily—the more, the merrier.

I will be providing you with more information weekly. Stay tuned!


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