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What is her name?

We know her as Heremakhet, but some know her is Sphinx. Her world was changed around her regardless of what one thinks. They thought by destroying her nose and part of her lips, would change her world image and deflect from their slave ships.

Africa has been moved away from her. She's now in the Middle East. We believed her to be a symbol of love, some thought she was a beast. Everyone knew exactly from what place she came, but refused to give her true respect by acknowledging her name. They embrace the magnificence of her culture, science, and philosophies too, that has provided abundance to us all when we knew not what to do.

Some believe knowledge will make us be more civilized. Isn’t this exactly what we need? Then how can anyone find the need to hide his family seed? It is well understood that when one hides his story something must be bad. When all of the world is looking, it really looks pitiful and sad. Now it will take many years of convincing most to understand, how could anyone hide history from children that the future will demand.

Just Keeping Real!

Just, John


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