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It's Inevitiable

Befitting for the Season

Age of Mentality 




Regardless of one's religion, political views, race, creed, or color, one cannot hinge her or his faith on vile, known, intentional lies and expect reliable results. While some live in past dimensions, we strengthen ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually daily to adjust to future challenges.  


Intelligent people worldwide are now observing unique individuals in various industries, i.e., sports, music, science, etc., that have been examples of excellence. It is becoming more evident that these individuals possess something that has not been obvious to those unfamiliar with innate human qualities provided to all of us. An indebt analysis will reveal findings available throughout the annals of time. We will discover that we all possess the wherewithal to employ special mental techniques to harness and subdue negative energy and convert it into positive success with minimal effort. Without any cost to you, we are eager to share these techniques with you today and unveil them in a user-friendly, comprehensive fashion. 


We now possess the ability to vaccinate ourselves from the impact of lies, deceit, and corruption and acquire the means for more fruitful expectations.  This resilience and strength build strong relationships with the worlds that surround us and influence us.  Most of us understand that the Universe is an organism of truth in which the Earth resides, and TRUTH is the way forward.  It's very evident. 


People are stressed, upset, and disillusioned because they mistrust everything.  Many are disavowing beliefs they once held sacred.  They are throwing their religions under the bus for new ideologies.   


Some believe the pendulum is swinging into an extremely dangerous and self-defeating position. Why?  Is it because we have relied on flawed beliefs?  A flawed ideology or religion cannot be sustained in a world where truth is so abundantly necessary.  A change in thinking is quietly taking place.  This shift must occur to save our country, planet, and the Universe.  Lies are unique. The Universe relies upon truth, and Earth resides in this Universe. 



An Unbalanced System 


Humans have been the reason our planet has been knocked off its keel! So much so that it is about to reach a "tilt" stage. I am not wise enough to discern what will occur if we go into complete "tilt," but history has taught me that it will not be enjoyable to behold. All of us must understand that if we do not rein in some of our repulsive habits, tilt is imminent. Some hideous practices lurk in people's minds on all economic levels, affecting other people in the USA and globally. The difference is that wealthy people have the means to quell some of the issues that create ugly habits. Some, however, are clueless about how much influence wealth and power tips the scales in positive and negative ways. 



People of good spirits can easily see what is occurring in our country. Few, however, dare to fight evil head-on. A minority feels more comfortable altering God's words to fit their narrative than embracing truth! Woe be unto them! 


Still, the pure at heart have the relentless ability to rely on nature (GOD) to provide the necessary blessings for their sustenance. This ability exists within all of us. The powers that are in control have blinded us to our ability to exploit these attributes. 


Roll with us, and we will take you on an abundantly joyful journey, so much so that you may never wish to return! We are going to a place where you can realize your God-given blessings. Our cruise ship will entice your every Godly desire. All that you must learn is a discipline that will guide us forever! 


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John Head

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