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The Time is Nigh

Regardless of one's religion, political views, race, creed, or color, one cannot hinge her or his faith on vile, known, intentional lies and expect good results. While some are still living in past dimensions, EVERY DAY we strengthen ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually to adjust to future challenges. 


People worldwide are now observing unique individuals in various industries, i.e., sports, music, science, etc., that have been examples of excellence. One must wonder from whence they acquired this enormous ENERGY?  If we look deeper, we will discover that these individuals have been employing special mental techniques to harness and subdue negative energy and convert it into positive success. Without any cost to you, we are eager to share these techniques with you today, and unveil them in a user-friendly, comprehensive fashion.


We are now vaccinating ourselves from the impact of lies and strengthening our resolve for more fruitful expectations.  This resilience and strength build strong relationships with the worlds that surround us and influence us.  Most of us understand that the Universe is an organism of truth in which the Earth resides, and  TRUTH is the way forward.  It's very evident.

People are stressed, upset, and disillusioned because of their mistrust in just about everything.  Many are disavowing beliefs they once held sacred.  They are throwing their religions under the bus for new ideologies.  Ironically,  a group of self-designated characters is poised to take control of ALL of the resources in the United  States and most of the planet Earth if we allow this to occur! These things CANNOT AND WILL NOT HAPPEN if we are diligent, however.

Some believe that the pendulum is swinging into a position that is very dangerous and self-defeating. Why?  Is it because we have relied on flawed beliefs?  A flawed ideology or religion just cannot be sustained in a world where truth is so abundantly necessary.  A paradigm shift is quietly taking place regarding lies.  This shift must occur to save our country, planet, and possibly the Universe.  Lies are unique. The Universe relies upon truth, and Earth resides in this Universe.


An Unbalanced System

​Human beings have been the reason our planet has been knocked off keel! So much so, until it is about to reach a "tilt" stage. I am not wise enough to discern what will occur if we go into complete "tilt," but history has taught me that it will not be an enjoyable thing to behold. All of us must understand that if we do not rein in some of our repulsive habits, tilt is imminent. Some hideous practices lurk in people's minds on all economic levels that affect other people here in the USA and globally. The difference is, rich and wealthy people have the means to quell some of the issues that create ugly habits.

Please do not misread me. I am not speaking of the ugly habits of wealthy people exclusively. Rich people are like anyone else. Many rich people have hearts of gold, and I give them much respect. Many have provided great things for us all. They cannot do it alone, however. We must all pitch in and make the planet Earth a better place?


Most lower-income people, however, are simply products of an imbalanced system. Still, their input is most important as they are in abundance.  Their weakness and strengths come from their inabilities, or abilities to unite.  They must also accept TRUTH at face value!   If they can muster the courage to unite, their VALUE will increase exponentially!

Lies Contaminate


We have found that the absence of lies and lying, enables a more pure and responsive spirit. This sanitization allows for an individual's vision to align with the Universe. Feats once believed to be miraculous, to impossible can now be achieved naturally through a few mental acrobats' typical applications.  We help you strengthen your physical abilities effortlessly using mental imagery.  We can also share tricks with you to quickly increase mental strength by channeling the thoughts and actions of others. One's ability to extend physical presence can be as simple as riding a bicycle.

Some may beg the question, "How can we tell a lie from the truth"?  Answering this question has become problematic for many. We must understand that TRUTH seeks its own level.  This is why the information that we share demands thorough vetting before we answer this age-old question.  We channel, harness, and convert NEGATIVE energy into positive wherewithal. Our vetting process answers the question of truth or lies by our ultimate results. In the Holy Bible, it was said somewhere that "You will know them by their fruits"!  In the law, it is called Res Ipsa Loquiter (the action speaks for itself)  Our acknowledgment of truth resides in our achievements.


Someone broke the code! We now possess complete authority over our health, finances, and physical security previously steered by lies. We are in a new age - The Age of Mentality! New Rules are in the making.  


Our detailed, sporadic, but free reports will supply our readers with the mindset to strengthen physical, mental, and spiritual abilities extraordinarily.  Each edition will bring readers closer to self-perfection and esteem.

Hands-on, step-by-step text, audio, and video productions will be available free also! Our reports will be distributed at various points in time as needed. These reports will provide the necessary mental and physical exercises required to realize complete, successful results. 


Please take a look at a few of our blogs. Doing so will enlighten you to the real existence of other profound perspectives that are quietly metastasizing. We are asking our readers to help us inspire people all over the planet about a discovery that can change the entire world. It will take a little time, but the rewards are enormous.

Until America owns up to its history, our chances of becoming a GREAT NATION dwindles as time progresses. As long as our elected officials can continuously lie to their constituents, the arch toward greatness will remain stationary, and we will remain a nation, viewed by the entire planet as a VIRTUAL NATION with little or no substance or sense of reality!

People of good spirits can easily see what is occurring in our country. Few, however, dare to fight evil head-on. A minority even feels more comfortable altering God's words to fit their narrative instead of embracing truth! Woe be unto them!

Still, the pure at heart has the relentless ability to rely on nature (GOD) to provide the necessary blessings for their sustenance. This ability exists within all of us. The powers-that-be have blinded us of our ability to exploit these attributes.

Roll with us, and we will take you on a journey that will be abundantly joyful, so much so, until you may never wish to return! We are going to a place where you can realize ALL of your God-given blessings. Our cruise ship will entice your every Godly desire. All that you must learn is a discipline that will guide us forever!

Do not forget to sign up for our News Updates. Here, we will unveil the steps for the entire program.  They are free. No strings attached.


John E. Head, (right upfront)

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