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Key to Conversion

Wholesale Evil Produces Negative Energy

Evil has always been among us. It has been hidden, coveted, and distorted by whoever believed it to be of value. Many treatises have been developed to tell a true story about the past lives of human beings, but some have been distorted to fit particular narratives. The story of Adam and Eve is a case in point. The evil lying snake lured Eve to eat the fruit forbidden by God and many dreadful things happened thereafter. These stories were designed to warn humankind of things forthcoming. Many virtuous stories were told to guide humanity to do God’s will. Still now, as in the beginning, evil beings will attempt to distort God’s wishes.

If there were charlatans in the beginning what would make one believe that this deception would not continue to exist? Evil will continue to raise its ugly head, and many will be injured thereby. Lies and deception are the catalysts for most evil, as in the beginning. Honest human beings will always attempt to create journals of truth, but evil beings will always attempt to distort the truth like the proverbial snake at the beginning of time. This distortion on most occasions is done for self-gratification or self-aggrandizement.

Yoke is Easy!

Many know what is occurring, but few can break the shackles of lies and deceit as lies are convenient for the purveyors and are arranged to convince most honest people. Some believe the remedy to combat evil energy is to get back, pay back, get revenge, retribution, and anger. Some believe it is appropriate to fight fire with fire. These are the reasons why many fail to subdue this monster.

One must condition oneself to indulge in humility. Many things I will share with you will sound familiar if one has delved into religious doctrines. Many truths lie therein. Most religious doctrines share wisdom, but few are wise enough to accept these words of wisdom at face value as a sleight of hand or altering a passage, or even a sentence in a perfect document can distort the meanings thereof. Some use divine information as a club to impose hurt upon their perceived enemies.

We provide the necessary information for those who are willing to lay down their hatchets and indulge in conditioning that will provide them with the wherewithal to convert bad to good. We call it converting negative energy into positive resolve. Some may beg the question why?


We believe modern technology has provided humans with devices that can benefit or harm humankind. Artificial intelligence has enabled humans to distort the truth and enlighten humankind. Whether it is a video camera or a Web bot, reality can be distorted to make a lie the truth or vice versa. Therefore, many are confused and bewildered.

The Truth is the Light

Fortunately, God is incredibly wise and has enabled some of us to know the difference between fantasy and reality regardless of advanced technology. The longsuffering of their ancestors has enabled some to have answers where there is ambiguity. It is in their genes.

Many years of indulging in deception have blessed some with a sixth sense to know the truth. We believe that the Universe is sustained by truth, and Earth resides within this universe. We know God has allowed humans to know the truth from past events. Humans have distorted many of these truths. The tormented will be the people that will guide Planet Earth in decrypting good from bad and therefore provide a way forward.

God Whispers

God seems to whisper in all religions that are designed to please God. Notice that I did not use the word “HIM” to describe God. Humans are self-serving. They distort the whispers of God for their sordid desires for sex, pain or death of their perceived enemies, money, power, and other sordid notions, whether authentic or imagined. Most refer to God as “HIM” as the male species have dominated in transcribing God’s words. Some are foolish enough to believe that they can control the masses if they alter the stories of humankind.

The Misguided

Some humans unwittingly believe that their kind is superior to others. They are so misinformed that they are inclined to believe that their integrity is sustained by the size of the audience they can muster to listen to their rhetoric, and the weapons they create to subdue their enemies. They use all types of tricks and devices to prove their point. They brandish their weapons to frighten their perceived foes and perform cruel acts upon those of less influence or wealth, believing they are invincible. Their influence over others creates an allusion that their way is best. Therefore, many follow them for many seasons and adorn themselves with ill-gotten gratification to their chagrin.

Some hide their conduct because like other humans they too understand that their acts do not conform with the whispers of God. They wore sheets over their heads, masks over their eyes and mouths, and said things from their mouths that were not in their hearts for self-adoration. They deceive everyone that will believe their story. They create a boogieman at every turn to steer others to accept their misgivings. They often teach their children to deceive and believe they are superior, causing their offspring to despise them once they discover the truth. Some succeeded in deceiving their children, but they did not entertain that this success was only temporary. Deception has enabled some to form an army of misinformed people guided by charlatans with desires incompatible with those who follow them.

God is incredibly wise as God has now allowed the truth to sanction itself. Those who have been misguided for eons can reverse the course of humanity by learning an uncomplicated process available to all humankind, regardless of color, creed, national origin, religion, or belief.

The Works

The process is quite straightforward. There is little to learn as most humans are programmed to acknowledge God. Many are led astray by those in which they have placed their confidence. Fathers, mothers, religious leaders, teachers, and others have been taught ways to deceive and they blind the spirits and minds of their offspring by guiding them to destruction. How do we know these things?

After many years of lies and deception, some with high influence, and huge wealth have unveiled their unfettered feelings regardless of how abhorrent. Their sordid hate and deception have become available for the entire Planet to behold. Some of those with less influence now believe that it is acceptable to follow these misguided leaders. The truth of hate and deception exhibited by leaders has enabled things that were once only precariously believed to be now confirmed.

The Truth Will Set Us Free

The cliché about truth and freedom has resonated in the minds of people in bondage for many centuries. Those demented souls always believed that someone would rescue them if the world could only observe their suffering. They had difficulty imagining that their blessing would arrive because of acts they had performed exclusively, as for eons they had tried everything and nothing seemed to work. Even their prayers had seemed to go unanswered.

The New Way of Thinking

Some have latched on to a new way of thinking. After many attempts their results remained consistent. Others employed different methods but had sparse results. AI, computers, and the Internet enabled some to compare notes. Voila! A new way of thinking was born. Many initially rejected and stood by and watched others excel. The success was undeniable! Some listened to words such as “When they go low, we go high,” and these words of wisdom were acknowledged and understood thoroughly without further guidance. Some were convinced and understood the benefits of humility clearly at last. They too saw that God had blessed them totally. They now understand that it does not take all to understand, but only a few. Soon others started to catch on. This is why we are sharing this information with you without cost, as we are also exclusively subduing the shackles of evil, and a better world is being created. This is our reward, the reward of all humankind.

The Wrong Way

Sometimes excellence is achieved by trial and error. After 450 years of trying should not some success be expected? When others control one's entire physical world, nature forces one to indulge in other dimensions. For example, if one loses one's eyesight, other natural senses such as smelling or tasting are enhanced. Nature provides us with isometric abilities that go unnoticed by the untutored eye. These are the natural push-back abilities provided by nature or God. Those perpetrating pain upon others are not cognizant of these attributes as they are focused on obtaining immediate results for their personal or group desires. They are only tuned to things they can observe with their natural senses in one dimension. They are programmed to believe that they are correct regardless of the consequences. Things that occur right in their faces are cast away as an aberration or freaks of nature. They create journals and treatises that are recognized by them exclusively making it appear that their way is Godly. Because of their influence and wealth, their works go unchallenged, causing others with credible knowledge to be cast aside.

The influence of those with the mega horns and wealth goes unchallenged, causing others with sound wisdom to question their own abilities. Some even attempt to emulate their masters and dispense with things seen with their lying eyes. Many are convinced that the only way forward is to do to their masters what has been done to them. This, however, is the wrong way to think.

Some, nevertheless, inserted the elasticity in their countenance to defy the ways of their bonds people and think to the contrary. This minute few, despite all credible facts leading to the contrary started to see results. They were rejected wholeheartedly when they shared their discoveries with others in bondage. Some believed the way forward was to question things that did not make good sense but dared not to reveal their true feelings. Many things they endured were inhumane, and revenge was the only rational way to think. Revenge, however, only brought on more pain.

Stockholm Syndrome

In the seventies, individuals were taken hostage in Stockholm Sweden. After a certain period, it was noticed that these individuals began emulating their captors. A new term was created, Stockholm Syndrome. This term alerted many people of color, especially black people, that this condition curtailed their success. This new term enabled many schools of thought.

However, some dared not conduct themselves contrary to their biblical teachings. These were the ones that had difficulty breaking the spell. Some were endowed with wisdom from other ages, and dimensions soon discovered that contrary thinking awarded certain blessings. They discovered that many blessings were available by thinking contrary to things taught to them that did not make good sense. This thought pattern bore fruit indeed.

The Bible

During the period in our country when African people we in bondage, the King James version of the Bible was used successfully to persuade slaves to be obedient to their masters. The Bible was also an instrument that opened doors that enabled African slaves an excuse to learn to read the king's English. Slaves could learn to read the Bible exclusively for these purposes. Although slaves were generally prohibited from reading, the King James version of the Holy Bible was used as a teaching tool under certain circumstances. Many passages therein seemed to be inserted for slaves to consume, i.e., statements in Colossians 3:22; 1 Timothy 6:1; Ephesians 6:5, or Leviticus 25:44-46, to name a few. I will allow our readers to confirm the accuracy of this assertion.

Slaves took to the Holy Bible as a fish would take to water. The scriptures therein provided refuge for slaves in the afterlife but guaranteed nothing in their current conditions. Slaves looked at the Bible as God's words although many were only privy to certain scriptures and verses. Remember, reading was not allowed


Some of the older slaves were not totally convinced that the Bible spoke words that provided them peace or truth, as they were aware of God's presence from other teachings and environments but dared not discuss it. On the contrary, many slaves were so hooked on the Holy Bible that they believed every word. Their bond people demanded this. Who would be so brave to question God’s words especially while experiencing the most inhumane treatment known to humanity with little refuge in sight? Their treatment was so inhumane that no Bible verse adequately addressed their conditions. Therefore, their only choice was to, “do what the Romans do” while in Rome.

The Awakening

“Things that are seen are temporal.” Things not seen are everlasting.” I am sure that the person that discovered converting negative energy into positive, was cognizant of this biblical quotation. It only makes good sense.

By the time slavery ended, black people did not know what, or who to believe. They observed people held in the highest respect such as judges, police officers, and preachers, to name a few, indulging in unbelievable acts. This conduct was so abhorrent that black people pretended it did not exist. Many worked for people committing abhorrent acts contrary to biblical teachings, but they supported them wholeheartedly for survival exclusively, praying for better times. Few would confirm the sordid acts of their bosses, sometimes to their own chagrin. They needed a job for survival! Black people would not dare confront their bosses as their existence depended upon them. Therefore, they only spoke among themselves about their bosses. Some of their bosses were people of the cloth, and others were very prosperous.

The Cat is out of the Bag

Slaves and the offspring thereof are very cognizant of Biblical scripture. Regardless of the situation, they have held back from judging others for many years because of this belief. The scriptures spoke of not judging others.

One of the prerequisites of converting negative energy into positive resolve is that the negative energy must come from a true source. It cannot be simply a thought or assumption. It must be confirmed. The second requirement is that the negative act or statement must be directed towards the individual, or relative thereof of one desiring to convert the negative energy to positive success.

One cannot assume that a negative act is directed toward them, it must be confirmed. Also, one cannot attempt to convert negative energy for purposes of retribution. Therefore, black people were extremely cautious not to offend God and engage in judging others. These humble beliefs delayed the process of learning to convert negative to positive. Therefore it took many years for them to gather an accurate assessment of how to proceed. Many were insecure in their thinking.

What Can We Expect?

At last, our current environment is ripe for converting negative energy into positive resolve as many people in high places admit their transgressions thereby confirming their evil ways. Some even use Jesus Christ as their sword or crutch to justify their evil deeds. Most black people understand why this is occurring. Many are now wise enough to benefit from this horrific misjudgment.

I frequently mention the long-suffering of slaves in our country. This is not done to insult the struggles of other people. The reason for this is few people other than the descendants of the African slave possess the genetic makeup to know these things from this perspective. Once one can indulge this wisdom one will understand the efforts necessary to endure inhumane treatment never known to humankind for such an extended season. Our entire planet can now learn from this experience and reap the benefits of this wisdom. Slavery is an experience that must be shared for the planet to understand its benefits. Our intentions are genuine indeed.

Thoughts of color or national origin only restrict one’s ability to use this process. Think as a human, not a race, and your journey will be smooth as silk! God has now enabled many who have been victims of vile conduct to free themselves from oppressive people capable of engaging in any conduct necessary to satiate their desires regardless of how egregious. Now many can quietly convert the negative energy into a positive resolution that the evil purveyors provide. This can be done by following a few basic acrobats absent financial input. Our yoke is so easy until we have already provided most of the things one must know to convert negative to positive. It is a mental undertaking, and the results are amazing!

As I write this blog, many things contrary to belief are taking place right before our eyes because of this new way of thinking. The entire Plant is observing, and many are in total darkness and still refuse to accept this reality. Some ask what happens to those that provide evil that displeases God. We do not know; however, the teachings of Maat believe that when one performs an act that does not, please God, that person will receive “grief.” Maat is an ancient Egyptian belief.

The sparse information I have conveyed will enable some to understand a valuable lesson and start using it immediately without further advisement. Others will need more. Read our blogs. View our videos. They are provided to stimulate the brain to understand the mental process of people who endured harsh treatment for many centuries. These blogs will be illustrations that explain why these people think as they do. Minds are opened once one can step into the shoes of others and still walk. Once one understands the gist of the system, and how it occurred, they will never doubt why humans globally need this valuable information. It is only natural.


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