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What Truth Got To Do With It?

The forked tongue

I always have believed that truth is important. Some Native Americans feel that they were duped by the settlers and later the Office of Indian Affairs in the US government. How do I know this? My grandmother was Native American, and my father was convinced of Native American ideas. He spoke of how the elders talked about "them speaking with forked tongues". Maybe we should investigate that “forked tongue” theory just a little further.

We know that during the Civil War in this country some Native Americans fought for the South in spite of them observing the inhumanity being perpetrated upon the African slave. Native Americans were attempting to get leverage in retaining their sacred lands. Nevertheless, this did not work for them, as many lost their lands and were relocated to other part of the country. Treaties have been broken that were entered into between the Native Americans and the US government, and never resolved until this day.

It 's hard to persuade Native Americans that genocide was not part of the agenda when their lands were invaded and disrespected. In some regions of the country, buffalo were killed by the millions specifically, to deprive Native Americans of survival. Many were poisoned as their communities were inserted with tainted liquor, etc.

Can you believe that the American Buffalo is now on the endangered species list? Now America has a change of heart about the Buffalo. I guess we now change dependent upon who is in charge. This is a recipe for destruction!


It is not difficult to see through most of the lies that have devastated many minorities in this country. Labeling has been the most useful tool. Slavery was justified as an economic necessity. Therefore these people were labeled inhumane chattel property. “Savages” was the name used to perpetrate genocide on an entire nation of Native Americans.

It would take me the remainder of this day for me to speak of the atrocities that have been perpetrated upon helpless indigent people in our country. Thank God. Nature is taking its course.

Laws of Reciprocity

Nature has laws as God has laws. Let us see how this works. Drugs in the 1970’s were planted in black communities all across our nation. Only God knows the damage that was done to black Americans. Before this, the Native American community was infested with evil substances such as tainted liquors, etc. that crippled these people.

Our original Americans and Blacks also have been deprived of adequate medical care. Perhaps this is a good thing, as those that were showered with Cadillac medical plans are now suffering because of drug abuse. Now we have a heroin problem, but guess where it is it happening?

All of a sudden, the U.S government is concerned with heroin when it has infested the minority communities for eons with petite interest. This is just the beginning.

Stuck on Stupid

Some people believe that they are mentally superior to others. This same group of people believe that “theirs” is the only way forward. They create flawed doctrines and are unwilling to relent in their opinions. Their history is laughable. It depicts their villains as heroes. Their views are so entrenched in society until entire communities can be sucked down into a black hole of lies with no return. The sad and sick part about it is those that know the truth are often rebuked or slandered.

It Is On Us

It has not changed. I smile every day as I watch a nation of so-called leaders of people totally unable to handle the truth. Politicians are lying, running and hiding like cowards instead of facing the truth head-on. Who can respect anyone that is so impervious to the truth?

Many seasons have passed to enable mankind to correct the errors of its ways. Still, some believe that they can permeate the entire planet with negative assertions and live in abundance. “But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart, and they defile the man.” They throw down their religions and worship the wealthy and famous instead.

We are the ones that must take the blame, and be totally responsible for the next episode. We must ferret out the truth whenever possible, and nature and God will do the rest. We must never speak negative words, but use expanded negative energy to boost our substance.

Converted negative energy is our key to freedom!

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John E Head

Moreno Valley CA

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